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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                


Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                
CD 51  c1972/73 4 funct2008_03_29N0 5N18LED8+2LEDNNNNNTI TMS0103NC+/-138x80x30160gr4xAA6VDC     
galerie/Olympia/OLYMPIA.CD_80CD 80  <=1973>=19734 funct2013_04_16N0 4N18VFD8.+indicNNNNNTI TMS0122 165x98x45 4xAA bat pack6VDC1WPanasonic 850Japan  
CD 81  <=1973>=19734 funct2008_03_29N1 4+1memN18VFD8.+indicNNNNNTI TMS0131NCRM165x98x45492gr4xAA bat pack6VDC Panasonic 855   
CD 85  c1973 4 funct2008_03_25N0 6N19VFD8.+indicNNNNN Sqrt Pi165x98x45 4xAA bat pack6VDC     
CD 60  c1973/4 4 funct2008_03_29N0 5N18VFD6.+indicNNNNNMitsubishi MA8168P<->115x92x27 4xAA12V1.8WPanasonic 660  Display has 6 digits, but it calculates on 12.
CD 70  c1974 4 funct2008_04_10N0 4N18VFD8+1LEDNNNNN  135x83x30~230gr4xAA6VDC0.5W    
CD 71  c1973>=19744 funct2010_02_08N1 5+2memN20VFD8+1LEDNNNNNRockwell 15336 A1030PE (ou 15330 A1030PE)% CM RM150x84x29332gr4xAA sealed5.2VDC1.5W Japan  
CD 72  c1973 4 funct2008_03_25N1 6+1memN20VFD8+1LEDNNNNN Pi Sqrt RM150x84x29 4xAA sealed10VDC1.5W    
galerie/Olympia/olympia_CD_100CD 100  1973>=19734 funct desktop2010_02_08N0 5N18VFD8 1/2NNNNNTI TMS0105BNCK198x177x57 4xCmains3WPanasonic 805Japan  
CD 101  197x 4 funct desktop2008_03_29N0 4N19VFD8NNNNN RC  4xCY     
CD 41  ~1973 4 funct2008_03_17N0 6N19VFD8 1/2NNNNN <> %140x90x24160gr4xAA6VDC0.5W    
CD 42  ~1973>=19744 funct2008_03_27N1 7+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt +/- % M= RM140x90x24160gr4xAA6VDC0.5W    
galerie/Olympia/olympia_CD43CD 43  <=1975>=19754 funct2009_09_29N0 5N19VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD941C%131x79x2796gr2xAA3VDC0.4W Japan  
CD 43S  197x 4 funct2008_03_29N0 5N19VFD8 1/2NNNNN %131x79x27 2xAA3VDC0.4W Japan Exists in 2 color variations.
CD 44  <=1975>=19754 funct2010_02_08N1 7+3memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD946CSqrt % +/- RM/CM M- M+131x79x27170gr2xAA3VDC0.4W Japan  
CD 44S  <=1975>=19754 funct2011_08_07N1 8+3memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD278CSqrt R % +/- RM/CM M- M+131x79x27124gr2xAA3VDC0.4W Japan  
CD 45  ~1975 4 funct2008_03_17N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt %118x70x22 2xAA3VDC0.4W    
CD 45A  ~1975 4 funct2008_03_17N0 6+1memN20VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt % M118x70x22 2xAA3VDC0.4W    
galerie/Olympia/olympia_CD46CD 46  <=1975>=19774 funct2011_06_17N1 8+3memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD278C+/- Sqrt R % M+ M- RM/CM118x70x22 2xAA3VDC0.4WPanasonic 8203Japan  
CD 46A  ~1976 4 funct2008_03_30N1 8+3memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt % Pi +/- M+ M- RM/CM118x70x22 2xAA3VDC0.4W    
CD 47A  ~1976 4 funct2008_03_17N1 12+3memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNN ( ) +/- % Pi Sqrt 1/x x^2 M- M+ RM-CM118x70x22 2xAA3VDC0.4W    
galerie/Olympia/CD25CD 25  <=1976>=19764 funct2010_02_08N0 5N19VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec D1801C%103x67x23137g2xAAY0.4W Japan  
CD 90  <=1976>=1976Scient2010_02_08N1 27+4memN25VFD8 1/2NNNNNMatsushita MN5750Sqrt +/- Pi sin cos tan D.MS-> x^(1/3) asin acos atan ->D.MS lnx sinh cosh tanh x<>y logx e^x 10^x y^x 1/x n CM RM X<>M M+145x86x29 4xAA6/8VDC0.5W Japan  
galerie/Olympia/olympia_CD90_SIGMACD 90 SIGMA  <=1976>=1976Scient+stat2008_06_03N1 23+3mem+6statN29VFD8 1/2NNNNNMatsushita MN5751ASqrt 1/x y^x +/- x^2 Pi x<>y sin cos tan asin acos atan ln log D.MS-> e^x 10^x ->D.MS CM RM M+ DATA meanx Sumx^2 n s C.DATA149x88x32 3xAA4.5VDC0.4W Japan  
CD 91  ~1976 Scient2008_03_29N1 23+4memN32VFD8 1/2NNNNNMatsushita+/- y^x ln log 1/x sin cos tan Sqrt EE D.MS-> X<>Y e^x 10^x Pi asin acos atan x^2 X<>M CM RM M+145x86x29 3xAAY     
CD 92  <=1977>=1977Scient2011_06_17N1 22+3mem+5statN34VFD10 1/2NNNNN +/- ln log Sqrt y^x 1/x sin cos tan [( )] EE e^x 10^x x^y X<>Y Pi asin acos atan D.MS-> ->D.MS RM M+ CM DATA Meanx C.DATA s n145x86x29 3xAA4.5VDC0.4W Japan  
CD 94  ~1977 Scient2008_03_29N1 27+3memN34VFD10 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNN Sqrt Pi X<>Y +/- ln log 1/x y^x sin cos tan sinh cosh tanh EE e^x 10^x asin acos atan asinh acosh atanh CM RM M+145x86x29 4xAAY     
CD 75  197x 4 funct2008_03_27N1 6+2memN21VFD8 1/2NNNNN % +/- CM RM146x70x sealedY     
CD 75S  197x 4 funct2008_03_29N1 6+1memN21VFD8 1/2NNNNN % +/- CM/RM146x70x sealedY     
CD 76S  197x 4 funct2008_03_30N1 7+2memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt % +/- RM/CM M+146x70x sealedY     
CD 40  <=1975>=19754 funct2012_01_29N0 6N19VFD8 1/2NNNNN D %124x80x22112gr2xAA3VDC0.3W Japan  
galerie/Olympia/olympia_OF-10OF-10  <=1975>=19764 funct2011_10_21N0 7N21VFD8 1/2NNNNNHitachi HD36290Sqrt % +/-143x80x20 3xAA4.5VDC  Japan  
galerie/Olympia/olympia_OH1001AOH1001A  <=1976>=19764 funct2010_02_08N0 8N22VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec D1801CPi Sqrt % +/-124x80x22 2xAA3VDC0.3WNestler OH1001A, Orbit OH1001AJapan  
OH1002A  <=1976>=19764 funct2007_09_08N0 8N22VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec D1801CPi Sqrt % +/-124x80x22 2xAA3VDC0.3W    
1020  ~1975/76 4 funct2008_03_29N0 8N22VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt Pi +/- %124x80x22 2xAA3VDC     
1030  ~1975/76 4 funct2008_03_29N1 8+2memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNN Pi Sqrt +/- % M= RM124x80x22 2xAA3VDC     
Liquid Crystal Calculator  <=1978>=19784 funct2007_05_08N1 7+3memN24YLCD8+indicNNNNNNec D888GSqrt % +/- MRC M- M+110x65x8        
LIQUID CRYSTAL CALCULATOR  <=1978>=19784 funct2007_05_08N1 7+3memN24YLCD8+indicNNNNNToshiba T3603Sqrt % +/- MRC M- M+110x65x851g (avec piles)2x1.5VcellN0.0002WSVM LC 880   
LC 391  197x Scient+stat2011_10_04N>=1  N38YLCD11 or 8+2 1/2 + indicNNNNN MODE Sqrt 1/x X<>Y DMS-> sin cos tan sinh cosh tanh +/- EXP y^x ln log [( )] x^2 Pi n! ->DMS asin acos atan asinh acosh atanh CN y^(1/x) e^x 10^x D->R R->G G->D nPr R->D G->R D->G nCr R->P INT FRAG P->R STO M+ MRC X<>M M- SumMODE DATA SumOUT DEL P(X) Q(X)135x70x9 2x1.5VcellN  Taiwan  
108MS  197x 4 funct2007_05_08N   N VFD NNNNN  127x76x 1xAA      
830D  <=1978>=19784 funct2010_02_08N0 10N28VFD8 1/2NNNNNHitachi HD37330 (8B 33)+/- % pi x^2 1/x Sqrt116x74x19 1xAAY  Korea  
galerie/Olympia/olympia.830MD830MD  <=1978>=19794 funct2010_02_08N1 6+4memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNNTI TMS1045NL% Sqrt M+ M- RM CM121x75x19 1xAAY CD 830MD, Compex 830MDKorea  
832MD  ~1980 4 funct2008_03_30N1 6+4memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec D1803C ?% Sqrt M+ M- RM CM121x75x19 1xAAY Logos 832MD   
galerie/Olympia/olympia_880880MODEL 880 <=1978>=19784 funct2007_09_08N1 6+4memN25LED8NNNNNTI TMS0972NLCS % MC MR M- M+134x74x22 1x9VY Texet 880 Executive   
ELECTRONIC RULERMEC-81 1979>=19794 funct2011_10_09N1 11+3memN25+1VFD8 1/2NNNNN CD SCL in. Sqrt % feet Pi MRC M- M+57x222x 2xAA 0.2WPanasonic 82108210 Can measure distances.
816MS  <=1980>=19804 funct2010_02_08N1 10+4memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNNTI TMS1045NL+/- % pi M+ M- RM CM x^2 1/x Sqrt121x75x19 1xAAY Tri Star 816MSKorea Same uP as Unisonic 790RM.
PD 510PD510 198x 4 funct+printer2009_05_10N1  N25VFD NNYNN  147x70x24 YY     
galerie/Olympia/olympia_PD610PD 610PD610 <=1980>=19804 funct+printer2009_06_11N1 5+3mem+3printN26VFD10 1/2NNYNNMitsubishi M58871P^ star % diamond Mstar M- M+170x86x38 3xAAsealed3.6V1.6W Japan  
LCD 280Lithium-Power 197x/8x 4 funct+2011_06_02N1 13+5memN33YLCD8+indicNNNNN DS () +/- X-Y Pi x^2 1/x Sqrt % CM RM M- M+ AM136x65x8 1x3VcellN  Japan  
LCD 300  197x Scient+stat2008_03_29N1 Scient+statN29YLCD8+indicNNNNN Scient+stat  3xbutton cellN     
LCD 1600  197x 4 funct2008_03_29N1 7+3memN24YLCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +/- RM/CM M- M+  4xbutton cellN     
galerie/Olympia/olympia_LCD1800LCD 1800LIQUID CRYSTAL 1800 197x/8x 4 funct2010_02_08N1 7+3memN23YLCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt +/- % RM M+ M-118x70x11 3x1.5VcellN  Japan  
HIT 2000  <=1977>=1977Time-Alarm 4 funct2010_02_08N1 6+3mem+3clkN27YLCD8+indic + 4NNNNYNec D877G1Sqrt % RM.CM M- M+ H M S134x71x10 4x1.5Vcell battY/N5mW Japan Calculator with 2 displays.
HIT 1701  <=1980>=1980Time-Alarm 4 funct2010_02_08N1 6N25LCD8+indicNNN NToshiba T3821 92x52x637g3x1.5VcellN36W Taiwan A second switch pemits 3 differents modes.
Baron  197x/8x 4 funct2008_03_29N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+  2xAAAN     
LCD 100  <=1981>=19814 funct2010_02_22N1 7+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +/- mc mr m- m+  2xbutton cellN     
galerie/Olympia/55-1055-10  <=1982>=19834 funct2010_02_08N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNNNec D1832G (8245)Sqrt % CM RM M- M+103x66x9 2x1,5VcellN0.0002W Korea  
galerie/Olympia/olympia_55-2055-20  198x Scient2007_11_07N>=1 ScientN38LCD10 or 8+2 + indicNNNNN Scient + Stat  2x1,5VcellN0.00035W    
GT-1TURBO GT <=1983>=19834 funct+game2009_04_28N0 5+gameN25LCD8+indicNNNN     3xLR44 (1.5Vcell)N0.007WCasio MG-200 aka TURBO DRIVEJapan  
galerie/Olympia/olympia.LCD_180LCD 180Lithium-Power1<=1982>=19824 funct2010_10_01N1 7+4memN26LCD8+indicNNNNNNec D1832GSqrt % +/- CM RM M- M+120x65x8 1xCR2032 (3Vcell)N  Japan ON/OFF switch.
LCD 180Lithium-Power2~1982 4 funct2010_10_01N1 7+4memN26LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +/- CM RM M- M+120x65x8 1xCR2032 (3Vcell)N    Has no ON/OFF switch.
galerie/Olympia/olympia.LCD181LCD 181Lithium-Power <=1982>=19844 funct2010_05_10N1 7+4memN26LCD8+indicNNNNNNec D1832G (8245)Sqrt % +/- CM RM M- M+120x65x8 1xCR2032 (3Vcell)N  Korea  
LCD 181CALARM CLOCK 198x 4 funct2008_03_13N1 7+4mem+clockN26LCD8+indicNNNNY Sqrt % +/- CM RM M- M+120x65x8? 1x3VcellN     
LCD 181SSolar 198x 4 funct2008_03_29N1 7+3memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt +/- MRC M- M+120x65x8 NoSolar     
LCD 380Lithium-Power 198x Scient2008_03_30N1 27+3memN41LCD8+indicNNNNN <-DMS ->DMS EXP CN % sin cos tan asin acos atan Pi log ln 10^x e^x y^x x^2 Sqrt 1/x [( )] +/- M+ RM Min136x65x9 1x3VcellN     
LCD 380SLithium-Power 198x Scient+stat2010_10_01N1 27+3mem+4statN41LCD8+indicNNNNN <-DMS ->DMS EXP CN % sin cos tan asin acos atan Pi log ln 10^x e^x y^x x^2 Sqrt 1/x [( )] +/- M+ RM Min N meanx s DT/DEL136x65x9 1xCR2032 (3Vcell)N     
LCD 400  198x 4 funct2008_03_27N1 5+4memN22LCD8+indicNNNNN % CM RM M- M+  YN     
galerie2/Olympia/Olympia.LCD580SLCD 580SLithium-Power 198x Scient+stat2009_12_29N1 39+3mem+8statN39LCD11+indicNNNNN DRG sin cos tan sinh cosh tanh DEG log ln y^x x^2 x<>y EXP 1/x CN ( ) +/- n! asin acos atan asinh acosh atanh DMS 10^x e^x x^(1/y) Sqrt Delta% Pi ->rTheta ->xy Min RM M+ n meanx ??? DT Sigmax Sigmax^2 ??? DEL136x65x9 1x3VcellN  Japan  
LCD 281Lithium Power ~1985 4 funct2010_10_01N1 14+4mem+1N32LCD8+indicNNNNN (CN) DS () +/- MU/MD Pi x^2 1/x Sqrt % CM RM M- M+ AM136x65x9 1x3VcellN     
LCD 381Lithium Power ~1985 Scient+stat2010_10_01N1 27+3mem+4statN32LCD8+indicNNNNN <-DMS ->DMS EXP CN % sin cos tan asin acos atan Pi log ln 10^x e^x y^x x^2 Sqrt 1/x [( )] +/- M+ RM Min DT/DEL N meanx s136x65x9 1xCR2032 (3Vcell)N     
galerie/Olympia/olympia.LCD3110.v1LCD 3110 1198x/9x 4 funct2009_12_22N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt M+ M- MRC116x66x20 1xAAN     
LCD 3110 2198x/9x 4 funct2008_03_29N1 6+3memN23LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M- M+  1xAAN     
SL 674 CKSL-674 CK 198x 4 funct2012_08_26N1 7+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt +/- MC MR M- M+  ?Solar     
SLD 7440  198x/9x 4 funct2011_06_13N1 6+3memN23LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt MR M- M+  ?Solar     
CS 38  198x Scient+stat2008_03_29N1 Scient+statN38LCD8+indicNNNNN Scient+stat149x76x18 2xAAN Casio fx-82 exept colors.   
galerie/Olympia/olympia_CX_31CX 31  198x Scient+stat2009_03_17N1 26+3mem+5statN38LCD8+indicNNNNN Pi n! 1/x x^2 y^x [( )] EXP DRG sin cas tan log ln +/- Sqrt y^(1/x) asin acos atan 10x e^x M+ MR STO DATA DEL sigman^2 sigman-1 meanx140x75x18 2xAAN  Taiwan  
galerie/Olympia/olympia_OP544OP544  1983>=1983Basic2010_02_08Y1KB (544B available)12KBBasicY53LCD12+indicNYExtYNHitachi HD61913A01Basic71x165x11106gr2x3VcellN0.02WCasio PB-100Japan Memory is expandable up to 2KB (1568B available).
Uses an cassette interface : CI 546.
OP644  1983>=1983Basic2009_05_10Y2KB (1568B available)12KBBasicY54LCD12+indicNYYYNHitachi HD61913Basic90x173x20258gr with bat2x3Vcell + sealed bat4.8V4.1WCasio PB-300Japan  
galerie/Olympia/olympia_SL675CKSL674CK  198x 4 funct2010_02_08N1 7+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt +/- MC MR M- M+102x61x7 NSolar  Taiwan  
FT 1FT-1 FOOTBALL 198x 4 funct+game2008_03_27N1 5+3mem+gameN25LCD8+indic++NNNN  % MR M- M+  YN Casio SG-12   
LC371  198x Scient2010_02_08N>=1 31+3memN38LCD NNNNN Scient125x70x9 2x1.5VcellN  Taiwan  
galerie/Olympia/olympia_PD125PD125  <=1986>=19864 funct+printer2010_02_08N1 5+3mem+6printN28LCD NNYNN % MRC M- M+ ^ # P/NP 5/4 TAB MARKUP178x90x36 4xAA6VDC 300mA  Taiwan  
galerie/Olympia/olympia_unknownunknown  ~1987 4 funct2008_06_03N1 7+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +/- MC MR M- M+107x62x10 2xLR1130 (2x1.5Vcell)N     
Ariane 8  198x Scient+stat2008_03_29N1 35+4mem+8statN40LCD8+indicNNNNN sin cos tan DRG Pi F.S ln log y^x x^2 Sqrt DEG ( ) a^(b/c) +/- EXP asin acos atan DRG-> n! FIX e^x 10^x y^(1/y) x^(1/3) ->DMS d/c CN % RM X->M M+ X<>M DATA DEL meanx sigman-1 sigman SigmaX SigmaX^2 n142x72x19 2xAAN     
Baron  198x 4 funct2008_03_29N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+  2xAAAN     
YOUNGSTER  198x 4 funct2008_03_29N1 11+4memN28LCD8+indicNNNNN 1/x x^2 x^n Pi Sqrt +/- % MC MR M-= M+=  2xbutton cellN     
LCD 200  <=1989 4 funct2008_03_30N1 11+4memN28LCD8+indicNNNNNSharp LI3009MPi % Sqrt x^2 x^n 1/x +/- mc mr m- m+126x66x9 2x1.5VcellN     
LCD 185Solar 198x 4 funct2008_03_29N1 6+3memN23LCD NNNNN MARKUP % MRC M- M+  ?Solar     
Le Plumier  199x199x4 funct2011_06_26N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M- M+72x200x23 1xLR44 (1,5Vcell)Solar  Taiwan School pen case calculator.
ManagerData Bank 199x199xMini-organizer2010_02_08N961o 20Y67LCD12.NYNMemY  138x80x12140g2x3Vcell+1x3VcellN0,02W Japan Extented RAM with EM3000 modul from 3009 bytes.
Olypocket 10  ~1995 Organizer2011_06_02N10KBytes OrganizerY56LCD NNNMemY Organizer153x125x9 open, 79x125x12 closed 3x3VcellN     
Olypocket 66  ~1995 Organizer2011_06_02N66KBytes OrganizerY56LCD NNNMemY Organizer153x125x9 open, 79x125x12 closed 3x3VcellN     
LCD-8110LCD 8110 199x/200x Scient2010_10_08N>1 229Y50LCD12alpha+10+2num+indicNNNNN Scient  YN     
LCD-8210LCD 8210 199x/200x Scient2010_10_08N>1 ScientY50LCD12alpha+10+2num+indicNNNNN Scient150x85x20125gYN     
galerie/Olympia/olympia_PS-600PS-600  199x/200x 4 funct2010_02_08N1 6+3memY24LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt MRC M- M+94x58x10  solar  China Extented RAM with EM3000 modul from 3009 bytes.
ES-879  199x/200x Scient2010_10_01N9 218Y50LCD12alpha+10+2num+indicNNN N Scient153x84x16 2xLR44 (1.5Vcell)N     

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