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A very small part from the collection.   I'd like to reference all Electronics Pocket Calculators made in 70's and 80's. I put my database online so that the net community could enjoy it.

  Mainly collectors are interrested, but also other people might be interrested in consulting the database, by curiosity or more ...

  You will find a little more than only "70's and 80's Electronics Pocket Calculators" in this database, mainly more recent calculators, but also desk calculators, pocket sized (or bigger) computers, or some organizers.

  Have fun consulting this site ...


If you want to contact me, here is my address ...

Copyright : all the pictures are my property. You can copy and save them but strictly for your own purpose. You are not authorized to modify, diffuse or use them (even partially) for another internet site, or for all other puplic diffusion. You are authorized to create links to MyCalcDB site, but I cannot garantee their reliability in the time. What I can garantee (exept errors) is only the database calculator's id number (for example: id=777 for the HP-55).