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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                


Citizen Business Machines Inc.
Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                
SIX  1973>=19734 funct2010_10_01N0 4N16VFD6.NNNNN    4xAAY ~Omron 60   
galerie/C/citizen.800R800R  <=1973>=19734 funct2010_04_02N0 5N18VFD8+2ledsNNNNNRockwell 15322PC%151x87x34270gr4xAA sealedY     
800XL  197x 4 funct2010_02_19N0 4N18VFD NNNNN  159x102x sealedY     
galerie/C/citizen.810R810R  <=1973>=19744 funct2010_04_02N1 5+2memN20VFD8+indicNNNNNRockwell 15330% CM RM151x87x34278gr4xAA sealed6VDC  Japan  
galerie/C/citizen.820R820R  <=1974>=19764 funct2010_07_14N1 7+2memN22VFD8+indicNNNNNNec uPD277C+/- Sqrt % M+ RM151x87x34 4xAA sealed6VDC 200mA  Japan  
820SR  ~1975 Scient2010_02_19N1 20+4memN26VFD NNNNN DR X^Y X/Y +/- sin cos tan asin acos atan e^x lnx logx Pi 1/x Sqrt X/M CM MR M+151x87x34  Y     
830R  <=1976>=19764 funct2010_02_19N1 7+4memN25VFD8+indicNNNNNNec uPD946CSqrt +/- % CM RM M- M+150x87x33198gr4xAAY     
120R  ~1975 4 funct2010_02_19N0 5N19VFD6+indicNNNNN <->  4xAAY    Displays only 6 digits, one can enter un to 10 and the result is given on 12 !
It exists 2 keyboard variants : the '0' key in simple or double size.
800D 1<=1974>=19744 funct2008_05_09N0 5N18VFD8+1ledNNNNN %138x83x25 4xAAY     
galerie/C/citizen_800D_version2800D 2<=1974>=19764 funct2008_05_09N0 8N22VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD940C (1975)Sqrt Pi +/- %138x83x25134gr4xAA6VDC0.35W Japan  
801D 1~1976 4 funct2010_02_19N1 6+4memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNNMatsushita M58618-83P+/- % CM RM M- M+138x83x25132gr4xAA6VDC0.25W    
801D 2<=1975>=19774 funct2010_02_19N1 9+3memN25VFD8 1/2NNNNNHitachi HD37350Sqrt X^2 % +/- Pi RM M- M+138x83x25134gr4xAA6VDC0.25W    
801D 3197x 4 funct2011_07_22N1 7+4memN25VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt +/- % CM RM M- M+138x83x25 4xAA6VDC 200mA     
831RD 1<=1977>=19784 funct2011_10_11N1 10+4memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNNTI TMS1071NL1/x x^2 Sqrt X<>Y +/- % CM RM M- M+165x86x22204gr2xAAY  Japan Uses a separable batteries pack.
831RD831RD II2197x 4 funct2011_10_11N   N   NNNNN           
831RD831RD III3<=1979>=19794 funct2011_10_11N1 10+4memN28VFD10+indicNNNNNNec D1001C1/x x^2 Pi Sqrt +/- % CM RM M- M+165x86x22206gr2xAAY    Uses a separable batteries pack.
Eight 1~1976 4 funct2010_02_19N0 5N19VFD8 1/2NNNNN %100x65x20 3xAAAN     
Eight 2<=1976>=19764 funct2010_02_19N0 6N19VFD8 1/2NNNNNToshiba T3332Sqrt %100x65x20120gr3xAAAN0.15W    
Carry V5  <=1975>=19764 funct2007_09_10N0 7N21VFD8 1/2NNNNNSharp LI2006 ?Sqrt +/- %136x80x26 2xAA3VDC0.4W~TOPIX 810, Omron 8 (88S)   
Carry M6  197x 4 funct2007_09_10N1 8+3memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt +/- Pi % MRC M- M+133x76x 2xAA3VDC     
LC3000  <1977 4 funct2009_05_15N   N   NNNNN    Y      
galerie/C/citizen_LC3000-IILC3000-IILC3000 <=1977>=19774 funct2009_05_15N1 8+4memN24YLCD8+indicNNNNNToshiba T3603Sqrt % +/- CM RM M- M+133x77x10 2x1.5VcellN0.3mW Japan  
CALCULATOR ALARM-CHRONOGRAPH  <=1977>=19774 funct+watch2010_06_29N1 7+4mem+6clockN26+5LCD6+8+indicNNNNY % Sqrt +/- MC MR M- M+ SW/Alarm SW Alarm/Stopw AlarmStop-Start/Stop Select Light Read/Set-Lap/Reset  YN     
CALCULATOR  <=1977>=19774 funct+watch2010_06_29N0 5+3clockN23LCD6+8+indicNNNNY % Light S R  YN    The keys are in circle around the display.
Gold color
CALIBER 9315CALCULATOR , QUARTZ CYSTRON CALIBER 9315 <=1978>=19784 funct+watch2010_06_29N1 7+3mem+4clockN28LCD6+8+indicNNNNY % Sqrt +/- M- M+ MRC S R Light SW42x40x10 YN  Japan The keys are in circle around the display.
Silver color
SR-I  197x Scient2006_06_09N>1 30+5memN33VFD8 1/2NNNNN LN LOG sin cos tan DMS- [( )] EXP SUM+ sigma Sqrt +/- e^x 10^x asin acos atan x! y^x 1/x meanx X<>Y X^2 Pi DSP RM M+ X<>M CM M-  2xAAY  Japan Uses a separable batteries pack.
SR-II  197x Scient2006_06_09N>1 41+9memN43VFD8 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNN sin cos tan sinh cosh tanh ->R DMS-> LN LOG P->R X! 1/X Sqrt [( )] EXP Pi X/Y Y^X SUM+ +/- (DEC SEL) asin acos atan asinh acosh atanh R-> ->DMS e^x 10^x R->P sigma meanX X^2 RMn SMn CM RM M+ Mn/ Mnx Mn- Mn+  2xAAY  Japan Uses a separable batteries pack.
micro 10  198x 4 funct+Printer2008_05_09N1 5+3mem+3printN26LCD NNYNN % M+ M- MRC ^ TAB   4xAA      
A-9  198x 4 funct2008_05_09N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt M+ M- MRC  YN     
galerie/C/Citizen_MB-150MB-150MB-150/155 1988>=19884 funct+memory bank2009_08_09N2KB? Memory BankY28LCD8alpha+12numNNNmemNToshiba T9756 + TC5518CFL-20 2KB RAM)% M+ M- MR MC Memory Bank131x69x8 1xCR2016 (3Vcell)N  Taiwan  
galerie/C/citizen.MB-155MB-155MB-150/155 1988>=19884 funct+memory bank2009_08_11N2KB? Memory BankY28LCD8alpha+12numNNNmemNToshiba T9756 + TC5518CFL-20 2KB RAM)% M+ M- MR MC Memory Bank131x69x8 1xCR2016 (3Vcell)N  Taiwan  
galerie/C/citizen.MB-260MB-260  198x/9x 4 funct+memory bank2010_07_14N  Memory BankY30LCD12alpha+12num+indicNNNmemY % MC MR M- M+ Memory Bank54x85x5 1x3VcellN  Japan  
MB-270  198x/9x 4 funct+memory bank2010_04_05N  Memory BankY30LCD12alpha+12num+12numNNNmemY % MC MR M- M+ Memory Bank54x86x5~27gr1xCR2025 (3Vcell)N  Taiwan  
SDC-848  198x/9x 4 funct2010_06_28N1 7+3memN25LCD10+indicNNNNN MARKUP % Sqrt MRC M-= M+=  Y ?solar     
SLD-708  ~1987 4 funct2012_09_16N1 6+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+117x72x7 1x1.5Vcellsolar  Taiwan  
galerie/C/citizen.SLD-735SLD-735  198x/9x 4 funct2009_07_13N1 7+3memN24LCD10+indicNNNNN +/- MU % MRC M- M+145x53x25open 125x53x14closed 1xLR44 (1.5Vcell)solar  Taiwan  
galerie/C/citizen_SLD-767SLD-767  198x 4 funct2010_02_03N2 8+6memN29LCD12+indicNNNNN -> +/- % Sqrt MU GT MC MR M- M+114x88x8 1x1.5Vcellsolar  Malaysia  
SRP-98  198x Scient prog2010_06_28Y  ScientN LCD NNNNN Scient  YN     
SR-35P  198x Scient prog2011_10_07Y  Scient+progN41LCD NNNNN Scient+prog  YN     
SR-59  198x Scient prog2010_06_28Y7+45steps Scient+progN44LCD10 or 8+2 +indicNNN N Scient+prog140x76x13 2xLR44N Hanimex SPC 1090   
SR-70  198x Scient2010_06_28 >=1 ScientN42LCD10+2+indicNNNNN Scient  ?solar     
galerie/C/citizen.SRP-40SRP-40  <=1989>=1990Scient+Stat2010_04_02Y3+40steps Scient+StatN41LCD10 or 8+2 +indicNNN NSharp LI3301AScient+Stat131x72x9 2x1.5VcellN  Taiwan  
SRP-45N  198x Scient prog2010_06_28Y40steps ScientN LCD NNN N Scient  YN     
LC-510  198x 4 funct2010_10_14N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN MARKUP Sqrt % MRC M- M+  1xAAN  Malaysia  
galerie/C/citizen_LC-516LC-516  ~1986 4 funct2009_03_17N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt MRC M- M+112x68x8 YN  Taiwan  
LPW 24  198x 4 funct+clock2010_06_28N1 7+3mem+8clkN33LCD8+indicNNNNY Sqrt % +/- M- M+ MRC DT reset TM ADJ LAP SET AL ST WT Lamp  YN     
galerie/C/citizen_F-908NF-908N  198x/9x 4 funct2010_09_23N1 6+4memN23LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt MU MRC M- M+60x100x13closed 127x100x7 1.5V cellN  Malaysia Foldable calculator.
Exists also with rounded keys.
F-920  198x 4 funct2010_06_28N1 8+3memN26LCD10+indicNNNNN MU % Sqrt +/- MRC M- M+  1cellsolar    Foldable calculator
LH-700  198x/9x 4 funct2010_06_28N1 8+3memN24LCD10+indicNNNNN +/- Sqrt MU % MRC M- M+  Ysolar     
LH-830  198x/9x 4 funct2010_06_28N1 8+3memN26LCD10+indicNNNNN +/- MARKUP % Sqrt MRC M- M+160x105x ?solar     
galerie/C/citizen_RL-1RL-1RULER CALCULATOR 198x/9x 4 funct2008_10_11N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt +/- MRC M- M+44x215x7  solar  Taiwan  
galerie/C/citizen_RL-2RL-2RULER CALCULATOR 198x/9x 4 funct2008_10_11N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt +/- MRC M- M+41x215x7  solar  Taiwan  
SRP-80  199x Scient prog2009_03_22Y10+128steps 128N50LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient  YN     
galerie2/C/citizen.SRP-75SRP-75  ~1993 Scient prog2010_05_10Y128steps ScientN50LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient142x72x9 2x1.5VcellN  Taiwan  
SRP-145  198x/9x Scient prog2010_06_28Y3+40steps ScientN LCD10 or 8+2 +indicNNN N Scient  YN     
SRP-145T  198x/9x Scient prog2010_06_28Y40steps ScientN LCD NNN N Scient  YN     
SRP-175  198x/9x Scient prog2010_06_28Y10+128steps ScientN50LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient  YN     
CBL-200CHECKBOOK CALCULATOR ~1990 4 funct+checkbook2010_06_28N3 7+10memN31LCD8+indicNNNMemN % A/F Password DEP1 PMT2 PMT3 CHK1 CHG2 CHG3 GT BAL1 BAL2 BAL368x154x7 2xLR43 (1.5Vcell)solar ~Olivetti CBC80 or ~Radio Shack EC-430   
galerie/C/Citizen_LC5001LC5001LC-5001 <=1991>=19914 funct2008_10_11N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNNSharp LI31502% Sqrt MRC M- M+54x84x7 1.5V cellN  Thailand  
SRP-265  199x Scient prog2010_06_28Y3+40steps ScientN LCD10 or 8+2 +indicNNN N Scient  YN     
SRP-280  199x Scient prog2010_06_28Y74bytes ScientN LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient  YN     
SRP-285  199x Scient prog2010_06_28Y75bytes Scient  LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient  YN     
SRP-285II  199x Scient prog2010_06_28Y8+152steps ScientN LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient  YN     
SRP-300  199x Scient prog2010_06_28Y148bytes ScientN LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient  YN     
SRP-320G  200x Graphing prog2006_06_09Y26+400bytes Graphing   LCD 35x23 N N Graphing   YN     
SRP-400G  200x Graphing prog2006_06_09Y28+30000bytes Graphing   LCD 64x32 N N Graphing   YN     
galerie/C/citizen_DE-200_ExchangerDE-200EXCHANGER <=2001>=20024 funct euro converter2010_02_03N>=1 5+4+4convN25LCD2x8+indicNNNNN % MRC M- M+ SET HOME CAL/EURO110x67x11 1x1.5Vsolar  China  
SR-135  200x Scient2010_06_28N>=1 47+3mem+7statN42LCD10 or 8+2 +indicNNNNN "> SCI DRG sin cos tan sinh cosh tanh EXP x^y Sqrt '""-> ln log x^2 a b ( ) +/- CPLX FIX DRG-> asin acos atan asinh acosh atanh Pi x^(1/y) x^(1/3) ->'"" e^x 10^x 1/x R->P P->R X<>Y RND % x! X->M M+ MR SD n Sumx meanx Sumx2 DATA/DEL sigman-1/sigman"  YN     
SRP-260  200x Scient prog2006_06_09Y3+40steps ScientN LCD10 or 8+2 +indic NN N Scient  YN     
SRP-320GII  200x Graphing prog2006_06_09Y26+400bytes Graphing   LCD 35x23 N N Graphing   YN     
SRP-325G  200x Graphing prog2006_06_09Y26+400bytes Graphing   LCD Y N N Graphing   YN     
SRP-350  200x Scient prog2006_06_09Y1200bytes Scient  LCD   N N Scient  YN     
SRP-45  200x Scient prog2009_03_17Y3+40steps ScientN41LCD10 or 8+2 +indicNNN N Scient  YN  Taiwan  
SRP-45T  200x Scient prog2006_06_09Y3+40steps ScientN LCD10 or 8+2 +indic NN N Scient  YN     

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