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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                


Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                
901B  10/1971>=19724 funct2009_04_22N0 5N18LED8.NNNNNTI TMS0103D135x79x3612 ounces (340g ?)6xAAY Craig 4501, Commodore C110USA 16 digit input with 8 digit display. Automatic display cut-off. First made in USA calculator.
galerie/B/bowmar.901C901C  <=1972>=19724 funct2010_01_29N0 5N18LED8.NNNNNTI MS0103NCD133x78x37 6xAA sealedY  Canada  
901D 1<=1972>=19724 funct2009_04_22N0 5N18LED10.NNNNNTI TMS0107D135x79x36 4xAAY  USA  
901DBOWMAR Ten2<=1972>=19724 funct2010_09_29N0 5N18LED10.NNNNNTI TMS0107D135x79x36 4xAAY  USA White case.
905THE ANSWER 2 <=1972>=19724 funct2011_07_29N0 4N17LED8 1/2NNNNN  146x75x34 AA SealedY  USA White front case.
galerie/B/bowmar_9051290512Century Mark IV c1972>=19744 funct2008_05_08N0 4N17LED8 1/2NNNNNTI MS0103NC 148x78x33 3xAA SealedY  USA "Variations: with or without ""Century Mark IV"" logo on the front."
MX890112 c1973 4 funct2008_05_07N   N LED NNNNN  127x76x38 SealedY    Same white case as 901B, differences unknown, possibly just a new number series for the 901B.
MX1090150 c1973 4 funct2008_05_07N   N LED10.NNNNN  127x76x38 SealedY    Same white case as 901D, differences unknown, possibly just a new number series for the 901D.
galerie2/B/bowmar_MX20MX20Brainchild , 90901 <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_08N0 4N18LED8NNNNN  152x70x22120gr3xAAY65 - 148 mA    
MX20Brainchild , 90911 c1972 4 funct2008_05_08N0 4N18LED8NNNNN  152x70x22 3xAAY     
MX40Brain , 91801 <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_07N0 4N17LED8.NNNNN  140x78x379 ozSealedY    Red or red & black case.
MX40Brain , 91802 <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_07N0 4N17LED8.NNNNN  140x78x379 ozSealedY    Yellow or yellow & black case.
MX40Brain , 91804 <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_07N0 4N17LED8.NNNNN  140x78x37 SealedY    Yellow or yellow & black case.
MX5090505 <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_07N0 5N18LED8NNNNN %148x78x33 SealedY    Has a small silver border around the keyboard and the display, like on the MX55 model.
galerie/B/bowmar_MX50_aka_90506_version1MX50905061<=1973>=19734 funct2009_04_07N0 5N18LED8 1/2NNNNNRockwell15332PC + 4 TI%149x78x33 3xAA SealedY  USA Black round on white square keys version.
MX50905062<=1973>=19734 funct2009_04_02N0 5N18LED8 1/2NNNNN %149x78x33 3xAA Sealed9VAC275mA   Black square keys version.
MX50905151<=1973>=19734 funct2009_07_15N0 5N18LED8 1/2NNNNN %148x78x33 3xAA SealedY  Canada Black round on white square keys version.
galerie/B/bowmar_MX50_90515_V2MX50905152<=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_07N0 5N18LED8 1/2NNNNN %148x78x3398gr3xAA SealedY  Canada Black square keys version.
90516  197x 4 funct2008_05_08N0 5N18LED8NNNNN %148x78x33 YY     
MX55Century Mark IV <=1974>=19744 funct2008_05_08N0 5N18LED8NNNNNWestern Digital LC1552B%146x75x34 3xAAsealedY  Mexico "One example of MX55 has a ""Century Mark IV"" logo on the front."
MX60  <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_07N   N LED NNNNN %140x76x389 oz3xAAY     
MX6190601 197x 4 funct2010_10_14N0 5N18LED8NNNNN %148x78x33 3xAAY  USA Exists in 2 keyboard versions.
MX7090701 <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_07N1 4+2memN19LED8NNNNNRockwell1533x + 2x TI + 2x ITT B6179MR MC133x76x SealedY  USA  
MX8090152 <=1973>=19734 funct2011_07_29N0 5N18LED10.NNNNN %133x76x 6xAAY  USA  
MX90MX-90 , 91505 <=1974>=19744 funct2008_05_08N1 8+4memN25LED10NNNNN Sqrt 1/x % +/- MC MR M- M+133x76x SealedY  Mexico Exists in 2 keyboard colors versions.
MX10092001 , MX100-2 <=1974>=1975Scientific2008_05_08N1 19+4memN25LED8 1/2NNNNNRockwell A4001 2x ITT B6249 and 2xDM8895N.X<>Y Y^X CS sin cos tan asin acos atan e^x LNx LOGx 1/X Sqrt Pi133x76x SealedY  Mexico Exists in 2 versions : white or dark brown keys.
MX120SUPERBRAIN 197x Scientific2008_05_08N1 17+5memN24LED8 1/2NNNNN EE Conv sin cos tan asin acos atan Sqrt LN e^x Pi 1/x MC M<>X M- MR M+150x70x20 3xAAY  Mexico  
MX140  <=1974>=1974Scientific2008_05_08NY 25+6memN20LED10 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNN Y^x sin cos tan 1/x LN Log x^2 X<>Y DEG +/- Pi [( )] asin acos atan e^x 10^x Sqrt RAD STO M+ MC RCL X<>M M-133x76x SealedY     
MX75MX-75 , 907051<=1974>=19744 funct2008_05_08N1 5+2memN20LED8 1/2NNNNN % MR MC132x75x35140grSealedY  USA  
MX75MX-75 , 907052<=1974>=19744 funct2008_05_08N1 5+2memN20LED8 1/2NNNNNRockwell A1030PE% MR MC135x80x40200gr3xAA SealedY  USA  
MX25  <=1975>=19754 funct2008_05_08N0 5N18LED8NNNNN %152x70x 3xAAY  Mexico  
MX35  197x 4 funct2008_05_08N1 5+memN19LED8NNNNN % M  YY     
math matemathmate <=197419754 funct2008_05_08N0 5N18LED8NNNNN %152x76x YY     
math mate IImathmate II <=1974 >=19754 funct2010_02_14N1 5+5memN19LED8 1/2NNNNNGI C-594 + 2x ITT 510-5N (display drv)% M (MC M<>x M- MR M+)135x71x25100gr1x9V9VDC  Mexico  
Count  197x 4 funct2008_05_08N1 8+4memN25VFD8 1/2NNNNN <-> Sqrt % +/- MC MR M- M+140x76x SealedY    Looks like Rockwell 24MS, only known non-standard Bowmar design, possibly a final model produced after company was in bankruptcy or receivership
no model name  ~1978 4 funct2008_05_08N1 6+4memN24LED8.NNNNN CS % MC MR M- M+133x70x24 1x9VY Same case as Bohsei 3000, Janon 3000, Nobility 3000, Tronica 3000, Unitrex 1000, Voesa3000   

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