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  Sharp  EL-838  aka ELSI MATE EL-838   (4 pictures)
The Sharp EL-838 and some fakes.
From left to right : the true Sharp, and version 1, version 2 & version 3.
Sharp EL-838
The version 1 and 2 have only EL-838 as front label. The version 3 has 'Electronic Calculator' as label.

Sharp EL-838
We well see the 2 batteries printed at the version 2 back, but ...

Sharp EL-838
... but there is only one battery used, the second is a fake : on the picture it's the little cylinder with the screws in it.

Sharp EL-838
It's difficult to see, but only version 2 and 3 have a SHARP label on the wallet. And even on the wallet from the version 3, the printing is from a such bad quality that it's almost impossible to read.

Introduction date<=1982
End date>=1982
Type4 funct
Last update date2010_02_01
RAM size1
ROM size
Number of functions6+mem
Alpha capabilitiesN
Number of keys24
Display typeLCD
Number of digits on display8+indic
Graphical (X x Y)N
Date or clock capabilitiesN
Functions listSqrt % R-CM M- M+
Size (length x width x thickness)91x55x6
Batteries1xLR1130 (1.5Vcell)
External powerN
Power consumption0,0002W
Twin4 fakes version 1, version 3, version 3 and version 4
Made inJapan

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