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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                

   Radio Shack

Tandy Corporation Company
Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                
EC-100BATTERY-AC ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR 1973>=19734 funct2008_12_13N0 5N18LED8NNNNN D152x89x 4xAAY Longines Symphonette Battery-AC Electronic Calculator   
EC-200  <=1973>=19744 funct2008_10_13N0 5N18LED8NNNNNTI TMS0103 or TMS0109D147x89x43 4xAA6VDC Montgomery Ward P800, Longines Symphonette EC   
EC-201Electronic Memory Calculator 197x 4 funct2007_05_05N1 6+4memN24LED8NNNNNTI TMS0972NL+/- % MC MR M- M+133x70x25 1x9VY    Catalog No. 65-601
EC-202     2007_05_17                       Catalog No. 65-602
EC-219  197x 4 funct2007_05_05N1 5+4memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNN % M+= M-= MR MC146x76x 2xAAY    Catalog No. 65-603
EC-220  1975>=19764 funct2010_03_26N0 5N18LED8.NNNNNRockwell B5000PA or B5000CC%148x70x20130gr1x9VY Rockwell 8R, 9TR, House of Fraser 8FMexico Catalog No. 65-604
EC-230 1<=1974>=19764 funct2007_05_06N0 6N19LED8NNNNNMostek MK50282A% N127x76x23 1x9V  Corvus 400  Catalog No. 65-608
EC-230 21974 4 funct2007_05_03N0 5N19LED8 1/2NNNNN %127x76x25        
EC-250  1974 4 funct2007_05_03N0 5N18LED NNNNN %152x79x33 3xAA  ~ Bowmar MX-55   
EC-425  <=1974>=19754 funct2011_07_22N0 10N23LED8 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNNTI TMS01201/x x^2 SQRT CD +/- EE160x79x38 3xAA8V2AC225mATI SR-10USA  
EC-442    4 funct2007_05_17N1  N LED NNNNN %         
EC-448     2007_05_17                       Catalog No. 65-892
EC-450  <=1974>=1975Scient2007_05_03N1 19+4memN25LED NNNNNRockwell A4001X<>Y Y^X CS sin cos tan asin acos atan e^x LNx LOGx 1/X Sqrt Pi X<>M MR M+ MC133x80x SealedY Bowmar MX-100   
EC-455     2007_05_17                        
EC-300  1974>=19744 funct2007_05_07N1 7+4memN24LED8NNNNNWestern Digital LC1552B% NE D M+ M- MR CM147x89x43 4xAAY    Catalog No. 63-603
EC-301     2007_05_18                       Catalog No. 65-690
EC-302     2007_05_18                       Catalog No. 65-692
EC-223CHRONOMATH <=1975>=19774 funct+clock2007_05_17N0 4+5clockN23VFD8.NNNNYNec uPD578C uPD878CTM DT Time Start/Stop Lap Alarm64x144x32124gr1xAA+2x1.5V cellY0.15WCasio CQ-1  Catalog No. 63-614
EC-275  <=1975>=19754 funct2007_05_03N0  N LED NNNNN %152x70x 3xAA      
EC-375  <=1974>=19764 funct2010_02_27N1 6+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNNToshiba T3189% Sqrt RM/CM M- M+168x94x25198gr4xAAY  Japan Catalog No. 65-615
EC-350  <=1975>=19754 funct2009_05_24N1 7+2memN22LED8NNNNN D % K= MS MR152x76x 4xAAY  USA Catalog No. 65-620
galerie/R/radio_shack_EC-380EC-380 1<=1975>=19774 funct2010_02_10N1 7+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD278C% Sqrt +<>- RM/CM M- M+135x78x25 2xAAY  Japan Catalog No. 65-616
EC-380 2197x 4 funct2007_05_17 1  N LED       % Sqrt         
EC-398     2007_05_17                        
EC-400  1975 4 funct2007_05_03N1 8+4memN25LED NNNNN Sqrt 1/x % +/- MC MR M- M+133x80x sealedY Bowmar MX-90   
EC-413micro-thin    2007_05_17                        
EC-415  1976>=19764 funct2008_12_13N1 9+6memN20LED8NNNNN % Sqrt 1/X X^2 +/- EX MC EM MR M- M+152x76x24 1x9VY    Catalog No. 65-633
EC-475  <=1976>=1976Scient2008_12_13N1 17+5memN20LED8NNNNN EEx sin cos tan asin acos atan Sqrt lnx e^x Pi 1/x CN MC EM M- M+ MR157x76x 1x9V  General Instrument EZ 3500  Catalog No. 65-634
EC-490  <=1976>=1976Scient2008_12_13N1 26+8memN25VFD8 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNN EE +/- [( )] <-> Pi 1/x e^x 10^x Y^x lnX logX Sqrt sin cos tan asin acos atan R->D R->R X! STO MC RCL X<->M M* M/ M+ M-159x83x sealedY same case as Rockwell 63R   
Micro-MiniEC-2222c1976 4 funct2008_07_18N1 5+1memN20YLCD8+indicNNNNN % MR60x40x13 YN Casio micro-mini version 2  Catalog No. 65-612
Micro-MiniEC-2223c197619784 funct2008_07_18N1 5+3memN22LCD8+indicNNNNN % M+ M- MR70x33x6 2xbutton cellN    Catalog No. 65-613
EC-2000  ~1975  2007_05_17                        
EC-3000  <=1976>=19774 funct+printer2007_05_03N0 5N19Printer8 1/2NNYNN %176x110x57 4xAA5VDC85mAAddo 9218, Facit 1140   
EC-3001  ~1976 4 funct+printer2009_01_01N1 9+1memN23Thermal printer10NNNNNTI TMS1115F/A ^ T % #/S M216x102x65 6xAA sealedY TI-5050M  Catalog No. 65-644
EC-3002     2007_05_18                       Catalog No. 65-645
EC-3003     2007_05_18                       Catalog No. 65-646
EC-3004     2007_05_18                       Catalog No. 65-647
EC-3005  197x 4 funct2007_05_18N1  N30VFD12NNNNN X<>Y % Sqrt (-) 203x83x 4xAA     Catalog No. 65-648
EC-3006     2007_05_18                       Catalog No. 65-649
galerie/R/radio-shack.MONKEY_SEE.v1MONKEY SEE 1<=1977~1980Game2009_08_14N0 5N181xgreen + 1xred LED NNNNNNS MM5780N"""?"""150x104x24 1x9VN  Hong Kong  
EC-204     2007_05_17                        
EC-205     2007_05_17                        
EC-208Talking Calculator    2007_05_17                        
EC-210     2007_05_17                       Catalog No. 65-556
EC-221  1977 4 funct2007_05_03N0 5N19LED8NNNNN %133x70x Y  Radofin Valuman, Unitrex 95SL  Catalog No. 65-609
EC-224     2007_05_17                       Catalog No. 65-613
EC-225 1197x 4 funct2007_05_05N0 5N18LED8NNNNN K165x76x 4xAAY General EZ-2000  Catalog No. 65-607
EC-225 2  4 funct2007_05_03N   N YLCD NNNNN          Catalog No. 65-621
EC-226MEMORY 197x 4 funct2007_05_17N1 5+4memN23LED8 1/2NNNNN % M+ M- MR MC143x74x25 1x9VY    Catalog No. 65-619
EC-231  1976>=19774 funct2007_05_17N0 6N20VFD8NNNNN % Sqrt133x76x 2xAA6VDC150mA   Catalog No. 65-610 or 65-610A
EC-240Statesman Thin 1977 4 funct2007_05_17N0 8N22VFD8NNNNN D Sqrt % Re133x76x sealedY    Catalog No. 65-622 or 65-622A
EC-241  1977 4 funct2007_05_17N1 5+2memN20LED8NNNNN % M RM140x76x 1x9VY    Catalog No. 65-611
EC-242MEMORY <=1976>=19784 funct2009_04_13N1 5+2memN22LED8NNNNN % RM M146x76x 1x9V     Catalog No. 65-617
galerie/R/radio-shack.EC-243.v2EC-243MEMORY1<=1976>=19764 funct2010_02_10N1 6+4memN23VFD8NNNNNA5901CBSqrt % M+ M- MR MC146x75x29 2xAAY  Hong Kong Catalog No. 65-618A
EC-243MEMORY21978>=19784 funct2010_02_10N1 5+4memN23VFD8NNNNN % M+ M- MR MC146x76x 2xAAY    Catalog No. 65-618
EC-245Statesman Thin 1977 4 funct2007_05_17N1 11+4memN28VFD8NNNNN Sqrt x^2 1/x % ( ) +/- M+ M- MR MC140x76x10 2xsealedY    Cat No. 65-623
EC-256  1978 4 funct2007_05_18N1 7+memN LCD NNNNN Sqrt % +/- mem        Cat No. 65-625
EC-257statesman thin LCD 197x 4 funct2007_05_17N1 7+3memN24YLCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +/- MRC M+ M-  YN    Cat No. 65-626
EC-258statesman thin LCD 197x  2007_05_17                       Cat No. 65-626A
EC-260     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-627
EC-261     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-627
EC-263     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-670
EC-264statesman thin LCD ~1978  2007_05_17                       Cat No. 65-671
EC-265     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-672
EC-266     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-673
EC-330  ~1975 4 funct2007_05_10N1  N24LED8NNNNN  132x68x23 1x9VY Radofin 1640 ?  Cat No. 65-947
EC-332     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-949
EC-420 11977 4 funct2007_05_06N1 10+4memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNN +/- Sqrt 1/x X^2 Pi % CM RM M- M+133x76x 2xAA     Cat No. 65-636.
Has the same case than EC-421 but different than the version 2.
EC-420 21977 4 funct2007_05_06N1 10+4memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNN +/- Sqrt 1/x X^2 Pi % CM RM M- M+  2xAA     Cat No. 65-636A.
Has a different case than the version 1.
EC-421  <=1976>=19784 funct2007_05_06N1 12+4memN29VFD8 1/2NNNNN % +/- Pi Sqrt 1/x X^2 ( ) CM RM M- M+133x76x 2xAA      
EC-480  <=1977>=1977Scient2007_05_18N1 20+3memN20VFD8 1/2NNNNNMPS7529EEX +/- 1/x conv sin cos tan asin acos atan e^x 10^x y^x Ln log Sqrt x^2 Pi [( )] sto rcl m+133x70x24 2xAA     Cat No. 65-637
EC-485  197x Scient2007_05_03N>=1 38+10memN43VFD12.NNNNN Scient152x83x 4xAAY     
EC-495  <=1977>=1978Scient2007_05_18N5 40+9memN43VFD12. or 5+2NNNNNMitsubishi M58628-001Psin cos tan DEG-> P->R R<- LN LOG Sqrt 1/X n! sinh cosh tanh EE X<>Y Y^X [( )] Sum+ Pi +/- asin acos atan DMS R->P R-> e^X 10^X X^2 MeanX sigma asinh acosh atanh RCL STO CM RM M+ M/ Mx M- M+152x83x30166gr4xAAY    Cat No. 65-638 or 65-638A
EC-496Statesman Thin LCD ~1978 Scient2007_05_18      LCD                Cat No. 65-639
EC-4000Programmable <=1978>=1978Scient+Prog2011_05_27Y8+50steps Scient+ProgN40LED8 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNNTI TMC1501NLScient+Prog146x76x35 3xAA bat pack5V7AC240mATI Programmable 57USA Cat No. 65-650
EC-4001Programmable <=1977>=1978Scient+Prog2011_08_02Y1mem+36steps Scient+ProgN19LED8 or 5+2NNNNNNS MM5799EHY/N DS7784NScient+Prog102x51x25 1x9VY Sinclair Cambridge ProgrammableEngland Cat No. 65-651
EC-4002ALPHA-NUMERIC CALCULATOR-DIRECTORY , statesman thin LCD <=1978>=19784 funct+databank2009_04_20N256bytes  Y30YLCD8+indicNNNNNToshiba T3690, T3691 137x69x9 3x1,5VcellN Toshiba LC-836MN MEMO NOTE 30Japan Cat No. 65-652
EC-4007LCD Scientific <=1978>=1978Scient2007_05_17N>=1 27+4mem+6statN40LCD8 / 5+2 + indicNNNNNToshiba T3763SScient122x69x9 2x1.5VcellN Toshiba SLC-8261   
galerie/R/Radio_Shack.EC-21.BLACKJACK.v1EC-21BLACKJACK 211<=1978>=19784 funct+game2011_08_03N0 6+7gameN20VFD12NNNNNNec D1021CSqrt () Hit Bet Std Ins Dbl Spl Tot142x81x15 3xAAAY  Taiwan Catalog No. 60-3011
EC-281  1978 Scient2007_05_03N1 25+5memN41VFD8 1/2NNNNN sin cos tan asin acos atan LN LOG e^x 10^x Sqrt X^2 EE CN % 1/X [( )] Y^x Pi +/- MEX CM RM M- M+152x83x 4xAAY    Cat. No. 65-641
galerie/R/radio-shack.EC-2001EC-2001 1<=1978>=19804 funct desktop2009_07_26N1 8+4memN24VFD10+indicNNNNNTI TMC1073NL% Delta% GPM ITM CM RM M-= M+=166x150x45300gr2xDY  Taiwan Cat. No. 65-660.
Not really a pocket calculator, more desktop calc.
EC-2002     2007_05_17                       Cat. No. 65-661
EC-2006A     2007_05_17                        
EC-2007     2007_05_17                       Cat. No. 65-963
EC-2010    4 funct desktop2007_05_03N1  N VFD10+indicNNNNN %166x150x45 2xDY    Not really a pocket calculator, more desktop calc.
EC-2017     2007_05_17                       Cat. No. 65-579
EC-2018     2007_05_17                       Cat. No. 65-580
EC-2019     2007_05_17                       Cat. No. 65-583
EC-2024     2007_05_17                       Cat. No. 65-588
EC-2029     2007_05_17                        
EC-2033     2007_05_17                       Cat. No. 65-528
EC-312ASTRO <=1979>=19804 funct+astro2007_05_07N?  N19VFD8 1/2NNNNN Astrology !!!120x75x25104gr2xAAN300mWKosmo Astro Biorhythm calculator  Cat No. 65-801
galerie/R/radio-shack.EC-314.biorhythmEC-314BIORHYTHM COMPUTER/CALCULATOR <=1979>=19814 func+biorhythm2009_11_06N? 11N24VFD8 1/2NNNNNTI TMC1172NLDT BIO B1 B2 C/S133x73x21145gr with bat2xAAY300mWKosmo 2Taiwan Cat No. 65-802
EC-315METRIC CONVERSION CALCULATOR    2007_05_17                        
EC-49765-653 Service Manual  2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-653
EC-498     2007_05_18      LCD                Cat No. 65-654
EC-499  198x Scient2007_05_07N>1 40+5mem+8statN39LCD10+indicNNNNN  130x70x7 2xbutton cellN    Cat No. 65-655
EC-255statesman thin LCD <=1979>=19794 funct2007_05_07N1 6+3memN23YLCD8+indicNNNNN % +<>- RM/CM M- M+133x72x 2xbutton cellN     
EC-259statesman thin LCD <=1981>=19814 funct2003_05_29N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indic NNNNToshiba T6014Sqrt % MC MR M- M+114x64x9 2x1,5VcellN     
EC-267statesman thin LCD 198x 4 funct2007_05_06N1 7+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN +/- % Sqrt MC MR M- M+  2xAAN    Cat No. 65-674
EC-269statesman thin LCD 198x 4 funct2009_06_09N1 7+4memN24YLCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +<>- MC MR M- M+  2x1,5VcellN    Cat No. 65-676
EC-270  198x 4 funct2009_01_27N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+  2xAAN Triumph or AdlerHong Kong  
EC-271     2007_05_17                        
EC-274Statesman Thin LCD    2007_05_17                        
statesman thin LCD  198x 4 funct2007_05_05N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M- M+  YN     
EC-423     2007_05_17                 Ysolar     
TEACHING CALCULATOR  ~1977 4 funct+game2010_03_08N0 4N17VFD2+2+4+NNNNN    2xAAY  Taiwan Cat No. 60-3010
4-in-1 Electronic  197x 4 funct+game2007_05_03N   N LED NNNNN  165x89x 5xAA      
EC-476LCD Scientific <=1980>=1980Scient2007_05_17N1 24+3memN40LCD8+indicNNNNNToshiba T3941"sin cos tan asin acos atan '""-> ->'"" log 10^x ln e^x y^x Exp Pi +/- ??? x^2 Sqrt 1/x MS M+ MR"130x69x9 2xbutton cellN     
galerie2/R/Radio_Shack.EC-4075EC-4075Programmers Hextime Calculator <=1980>=19804 funct+timer2012_05_17N1 8+3mem+11timeN27LCD8+indicNNNNY HEX RND Sqrt % M+= M-= MRC Hr Min Sec LAP/RESET START/STOP DATE (((.))) bell TM PM ADJ  2xAAN    Cat No. 65-990
EC-9800statesman thin LCD ~1980  2007_05_17      LCD                 
galerie/R/RS_TRS-80TRS-80PC-1 07/1980>=1981Pocket Computer2009_05_26Y1920Bytes (1424B availables)11KBBasicY57YLCD24+indicNYExtYYSharp SC43177 SC43178 (4 bits)Basic71x176x16170gr with bat4x1.5Vcell 11mWSharp PC-1211Japan Cat No. 26-3501.
Cassette interface Cat No. 26-3503.
Printer Cat No. 26-3506.
There is also a customized version, where only 43 keys are accessible.
TRS-80PC-2 01/1982>=1984Pocket Computer2007_05_12Y2KB (1850B available)16KBBasicY65LCD26.+indic156x7YExtYYSharp LH5801Basic87x195x27375gr4xAA6VDC0.13WRedesigned Sharp PC-1500.  Cat No. 26-3601.
Memory can be extended up to 18KB.
Printer / Cassette interface Cat No. 26-3605.
TRS-80PC-3 ~1983>=1984Pocket Computer2007_05_16Y2KB (1850B available)24KBBasicY52LCD24+indicNYExtYNSC61860ABasic70x135x12105gr2x3VcellN0.03WSharp PC-1250 (PC-1251)   
TRS-80PC-3A ~1985 Pocket Computer2007_05_16Y4KB (3486B available)24KBBasicY52LCD24+indicNYExtYNSC61860ABasic70x135x12105gr2x3VcellN0.03WSharp PC-1250A   
TRS-80PC-4 1983>=1983Pocket Computer2007_05_16Y1KB (544B available)12KBBasicY53LCD12+indicNYExtYNHitachi HD61913A01Basic71x165x11106gr2x3VcellN Casio PB-100  Cat No. 26-3650.
Memory is expandable up to 2KB (1568B available).
TRS-80PC-5 1985>=1986Pocket Computer2007_05_16Y4KB (3552B available) BasicY83LCD24+indicNYExtYN Basic142x142x13 ouvert, 73x142x19 ferme150gr2+1 3VcellN0.07WCasio fx-780P  Cat No. 26-3670
TRS-80PC-6 <=1987>=1991Pocket Computer2007_05_16Y8KB (7520 available) BasicY83LCD24+indicNYExtYNHitachi HD61747B20 & HD61747B25Basic142x142x13 ouvert, 73x142x19 ferme150gr2+1 3VcellN0.07WCasio fx-790P  Cat No. 26-3672.
Memory is expandable up to 16KB (15.3KB available).
TRS-80PC-7 ~1987 Pocket Computer2007_05_16Y1KB (544B available)12KBBasicY72LCD12+indicNYExtYNHitachi HD61913A01Basic180x70x10146gr with bat2x3VcellN Casio fx-5200P  Cat No. 26-3673.
Memory is expandable up to 2KB (1568B available).
TRS-80PC-8 ~1985>=1986Pocket Computer2007_05_16Y2KB (1278B available)18KBBasicY55LCD16+indicNYExtYNSC61720 Basic70x135x1095gr with bat2x3VcellN Sharp PC-1246  Cat No. 26-3655
Monkey See 21982>=1985Game2007_05_17N0 5N181xgreen + 1xred LED2 LedNNNNNTI MP0271"""?"""103x162x24 1x9VN    Cat No. 60-1013
EC-205A  198x 4 funct2011_07_17N1 6+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt M+ M- MR MC114x66x18 1xAAN Philips SBC 1802Taiwan Cat No. 65-501A
EC-401     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-681
EC-402  ~1984 4 funct2011_08_13N1 7+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +<>- CM RM M- M+112x65x9 Nsolar    Cat No. 65-689
EC-404  198x 4 funct2010_06_04N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +/- MRC M- M+  ?solar  Japan Clamshell.
EC-405     2007_05_17                 ?solar     
EC-414 1<=1984>=19844 funct2010_09_10N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt +/- % MRC M- M+117x71x19 1x1.5Vcellsolar Tandy EC-414 V1   
EC-414 2<=1984>=19844 funct2007_05_30N1 7+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt +/- % MU MRC M- M+117x71x19 1x1.5Vcellsolar    Cat No. 65-560B
EC-417  198x/9x 4 funct2009_09_20N1 6+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+118x72x8 1xLR43 (1,5Vcell)solar Tandy EC-417Taiwan Cat No. 65-562
EC-419     2007_05_17                        
EC-303     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-693
EC-304mity-thin or CHRONOWATCH LCD 198x 4 funct+timer2010_06_29N1 5+3mem+9timeN24LCD8+indicNNNNY % MRC M- M+ +time  YN  Hong Kong Cat No. 65-694
EC-306    4 funct+checkbook2007_05_17NY  N LCD NNNNN           
EC-307     2007_05_17N   N LCD NNNNY           
EC-310     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-698
EC-311     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-699
EC-316  ~1984  2007_05_17                        
EC-317Decimal-Fractional Yard-Foot-Inch Calculator 198x 4 funct+2007_05_06N1 7+3mem+8convN33LCD8+indicNNNNN +/- Sqrt % R-CM M- M+ ->Frac ->Dec YD FT IN a/b SQ CUB  ?solar    Cat No. 65-935
EC-319Appointment Directory Calculator <=1990>=1990Organizer2007_05_18N32Ko OrganizerY88LCD  NNmemYHitachi HD62023050Organizer75x126x15 (closed) 144x126x10 (open) 3x3VcellN    Cat No. 65-932
EC-320     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-933
EC-321DATA MEMORY CALCULATOR 198x 4 funct+databank2007_10_02N1+ 6+4mem+4dataY29LCD8num+12alpha+indicNNNmemN % Sqrt MC MR M- M+  YN    Cat No. 65-934
EC-322     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-936
EC-323     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-937
EC-328DATA MEMORY CALCULATOR 199x 4 funct + diary2010_02_27N1+ 6+3mem+diaryY40LCD NNNmem  % Sqrt MRC M- M+ + diary  YN     
EC-329     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-946
EC-341HEXADECIMAL TIME CONVERSION CALCULATOR 198?  2007_05_17                        
BLACKJACK 21EC-212198x 4 funct+game2011_08_03N1 6+4mem+7gameN23LCD10NNNNN +/- % MC MR M- M+ Bet Ttl Spl Dbl Ins Hit Std  YN    Cat No. 60-2107
EC-3020  198x 4 funct+print2007_05_18N1 5+4mem+4printN28LCD NNYNN % M* Mdiamond M- M+ ^ # * Diamond  YY    Cat No. 65-955.
Foldable, portable printing calculator.
EC-4004 1~1980 Scient + Stat + Prog2007_05_16Y7+38steps Scient+Stat+PrgN39LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient + Stat + Prog133x71x9 2xN0.00043WCasio fx-3500P   
EC-4004 2<=1987>=1988Scient + Stat + Prog2010_11_01Y7+38steps Scient+Stat+PrgN39LCD10+2+indicNNN NHitachi HD43147Scient + Stat + Prog  1xCR2025 (3Vcell)N0.00043WCasio fx-3600P  Cat No. 65-658A
EC-4006LCD SCIENTIFIC 198x Scient2007_05_18N>=1 ScientN38LCD10+indicNNNNN Scient150x76x18 2xAAN Casio  Cat No. 65-975
galerie/R/RS_EC-4008EC-4008LCD Scientific Calculator ~1991 Scient2010_02_10N1 25+3memN40LCD8 / 5+2 + indicNNNNN "DRG x^2 Sqrt 1/x sin cos tan asin acos atan Pi log 10^x ln e^x y^x '""-> ->'"" % +/- Exp MS M+ MR"109x62x8 2xbutton cellN  Taiwan Cat No. 65-977
EC-4009  1984~1988Scient2008_03_29N>=1 35+5mem+8statN38LCD8+2+indicNNNNN "Sqrt ln sin cos tan log a^(b/c) 1/x '"" +/- X<>Y [( )] EXP x^2 e^x asin acos atan x^y x^(1/y) 10^x x! '""<- R->P P->R x^(1/3) RND RAN# Pi % Min MR M+ X<>M M- meanx sigman sigman-1 Sumx^2 Sumx n Sum+ Sum-"59x90x6 ?solar Casio fx-98  Cat No. 65-927 or 65-927A
EC-4011  198x Scient2008_03_28N>=1 ScientN53LCD10+2+indicNNNNN Scient  ?solar Casio fx-451  Foldable calculator.
EC-4012     2007_05_17                        
EC-4013  198x Scient2011_03_03N>=1 ScientN56LCD10+2+indicNNNNN Scient   solar    Cat No. 65-930 or 65-930A.
Foldable calculator.
EC-4020  <=1985>=1988Scient Prog2007_05_18Y26 (up to 94)+550steps Scient ProgY44LCD16+indicNNNMemNHitachi HD61747B34 (& HD61914)Scient Prog133x72x10 2x3V cellN0.01WCasio fx-4000P  Cat No. 65-985
EC-4021  ~1991 Scient Prog2007_05_17Y3+40steps Scient ProgY40LCD10+indicNNN NSharp LI3301AScient Prog140x76x10 2x1.5VcellN Sharp   
EC-5001  198x Financial2007_05_07N>1 FinancialN44LCD10+indicNNNNN Financial  YN Sharp EL-733A   
EC-5500  <=1987>=1988Financial2008_11_10N>=1 FinancialN36+5LCD10 or 7+2 +indicNNNNNToshiba T9728Financial  Nsolar TI Business Edge  Cat No. 65-880.
LCD Touchscreen.
EC-351Monkey Professor 198x 4 funct2007_05_06N0 4N19LCD8NNNNN    2xAAN    Cat No. 65-825.
Monkey shaped.
Fun'N Calc  198x 4 funct2007_05_17N0 4N19LCD8NNNNN    YN    Cat No. 23-582.
Kid's calculator.
MICKEY MOUSELCD MICKEY MOUSE KIDDY CALCULATOR1~1985 4 funct2011_08_24N0 4N19LCD8NNNNN    2xAAN  Hong Kong Cat No. 60-2326.
Mickey Mouse shaped.
Mickey MouseMickey Mouse LCD Kiddy Calculator2~1985 4 funct2011_08_24N0 4N19LCD8NNNNN    YN    Mickey Mouse shaped.
Metric Conversion Calculator  ~1985 4 funct+conversion2007_05_07N1 7+3mem+40convN26LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt +/- % MRC M- M+  ?solar     
unk nameLCD Financial Calculator 198x Financial2007_05_07N>=1 FinancialN39LCD NNNNN Financial133x70x13 YN     
EC-4305  198x Scient+Stat2007_05_07N>=1 Scient+StatN44LCD NNNNN Scient+Stat  YN Casio  Cat No. 65-983
EC-278  198x/9x 4 funct2007_05_16N1 6+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+  YN     
EC-309  <=1988>=19884 funct+data mem2001_05_13N1+400o 6+4mem+4dataY/N28LCD8 1/2 + 6alpha +4num NNNN % Sqrt MC MR M- M+ Secret N/Set Telephone Capa110x68x8 1x3VcellN Tandy EC-309  Can store 20 names and telephone numbers.
EC-430CHECKBOOK CALCULATOR <=1987>=19904 funct+checkbook2010_06_29N3 7+10memN32LCD8+indicNNNmemNNec uPD1833% A/F key 1:DEP CHK BAL1 2:PMT CHG BAL2 3:PMT CHG BAL3 GT68x154x7 2xLR43 (1.5Vcell)solar TI-2200 IIThailandDatamath.orgCat No. 65-570 or 65-570A
EC-4014     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-979
EC-4015     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-938
EC-4016  198x/9x Scient2007_05_11N>1 Scient+StatN37LCD10+2+indicNNNNN Scient+Stat127x76x3 ?solar Casio  Cat No. 65-981
EC-4017     2007_05_18                        
EC-4018     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-982
EC-4019  <=1988>=1993Scient+Stat+Prg2010_11_01Y7+135steps Scient+Stat+PrgN42LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient+Stat+Prg129x72x1056gr1xCR2015 (3Vcell)N0.0005WCasio fx-3800P  Cat No. 65-986
EC-4023  <=1987>=1991Scient+Stat2007_05_17Y/N10+675steps 95 + 128 preprogrammed formulasY44LCD14+2 alpha + 10 1/2+2 1/2 num + indicNNNmemNHitachi HD61914 OKI M5268V-H1 (aff: Hitachi HD6200104)Scient+Stat131x72x1175gr2x3VcellN0.008WCasio fx-5000F  Cat No. 65-987
EC-4024  ~1991 Scient+Stat2007_05_17Y/N7+29steps Scient+StatN44LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient+Stat127x76x10 1xcellsolar Casio fx-2700P?   Cat No. 65-991A
EC-4025  <=1988>=1989Scient+Stat2008_11_10N5 177N42+40LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient145x78x20closed 2xSR44 (1.5Vcell)N TI SC-10Taiwan Cat No. 65-992. ref.
EC-4026  <=1989>=1991Scient Prog2011_06_22Y26 (up to 163)+1103steps Scient ProgY50LCD12alpha + 10+2 + indicNNNmemN Scient Prog141x73x1071gr1xCR2025+1xCR12116 (2x3Vcell)N0.001WCasio fx-4500PJapan Cat No. 65-993
EC-4027  198x Scient Prog2007_05_11Y6+40steps Scient ProgN44LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient Prog150x76x10 2x1.5VcellN Sharp EL-5020   
EC-4028     2007_05_17                        
galerie2/R/Radio_Shack.EC-4030EC-4030    Scient+Stat2009_12_30N>=1 Scient+StatN42LCD10NNNNN Scient+Stat  YN Sharp  Cat No. 65-989
EC-4031  ~1991 Scient+Stat2007_05_18 >1 Scient+StatN44LCD10+2+indicNNN N Scient+Stat  Ysolar Casio  Cat No. 65-997 or 65-997A
EC-4032  199x Scient+Stat2007_05_07N>=1 Scient+StatN44LCD10+2+indicNNNNN Scient+Stat  ?solar     
EC-4033  199x Scient Prog Graph2007_05_11Y26 (up tp 78) 400 Scient Prog GraphY50LCD1340x23NN N Scient Prog Graph114x75x10 2x3VcellN Casio fx-6300G   
EC-4034  199x Scient Prog Graph2007_05_18Y4164Bytes Scient Prog GraphN50LCD16x896x64NNMemN Scient Prog Graph173x81x16 4x3VcellN0.22WCasio fx-7700G  Cat No. 65-804
EC-4035  ~1991 Scient2007_05_17   Scient  LCD       Scient         
EC-4036  198x/9x Scient Prog2007_05_11Y3+40steps Scient ProgY39LCD10+indicNNN NSharp LI3301AScient Prog140x76x10 2x1.5VcellN Sharp   
EC-4037  199x Scient Prog Graph2007_05_18Y4KB Scient Prog GraphN50LCD16x896x64 NMemN Scient Prog Graph   N Casio  Cat No. 65-805
EC-4040  198x9x Scient Prog2007_05_11Y9+79Steps Scient Prog  LCD16 NN N Scient Prog     Casio fx-P401  Cat No. 65-806
EC-4042    Scient2007_05_17                        
EC-4043  <=1994>=1994Scient2008_11_11N3 ScientN40LCD10+2+indicNNN NToshiba T6A57Scient145x71x11 Nsolar TI TI-36X SOLAR version 3Italy ref.
EC-4051  199x Financial2008_03_28   Financial  LCD       Financial        Cat No. 65-995
EC-4044  199x Scient Prog2007_05_11Y0+440steps to 55+0steps Scient ProgY44LCD12+indicNNN N Scient Prog~150x75x10 2x1.5Vcell      
EC-5010Business Financial Calculator ~1987 Financial2007_05_17      LCD                 
EC-5100     2007_05_17                        
EC-3007     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-664
EC-3008     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-665
EC-3009  ~1981 4 funct print2011_10_04N1  N LCD10+indicNNYNNToshiba T6734 196x75x45 4xAA6V ~TI-5010Japan Cat No. 65-666
EC-355     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-856 or 65-856A
EC-356    Organizer2008_03_28 64KB                     Cat No. 65-865
EC-357     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-866
EC-363     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-832
EC-364     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-833
EC-376     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-838
EC-385     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-884 or 65-884A
EC-346     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-862
EC-348     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-840
EC-339     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-939
EC-340     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-940
EC-345     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-945
galerie/R/radio_shack.EC-447EC-447  199219984 funct2011_11_05N1 8+4memN26LCD8+indicNNNNN MU % Sqrt +/- MC MR M+ M-136x76x9 1xLR54 (1,5Vcell)solar  China Cat No. 65-891A
EC-3011     2007_05_17                        
EC-3012     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-951
EC-3013     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-953
EC-3014     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-952
EC-349     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-959
EC-3015     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-970A or 65-970B
EC-3017     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-967
EC-3018  1992>=19944 funct desktop +print2010_10_06N1 4+4mem+printN30VFD10NNYNN  225x165x51 4xAA     Cat No. 65-968
EC-3019     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-969
EC-3021     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-971
EC-3022     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-972
EC-3024Printing Calculator 199x 4 funct+print2007_05_18N1 5+4mem+4printN28LCD NNYNN % MC MR M- M+ Feed Prt Rnd P/#  Y     Cat No. 65-957 or 65-957A
EC-3025     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-958
EC-3027     2007_05_17                        
EC-3030     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-753
EC-3031     2007_05_18                       Cat No. 65-754
Calculator Watch  199x 4 funct watch2007_05_09N0 4N16LCD8+indicNNNNY    YN    Cat No. 63-5021

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