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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                


Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                
ICC-0081MINI CALCULATOR 1970 4 funct2008_04_30N0 4N18Gas-discharge individual tubes8+indicatorsNNNNNSanyo LM8001J, LM8002F, LM8003G & LM8006 247x140x60 rechageable bat packmains3.5W   Sanyo's first portable model (large, more a desktop model).
With built-in AC recharger.
With a flip-up display cover. Displays 8 digits but calculates on 16.
ICC-801D  ~1971 4 funct2008_04_30N0 4N18Nixie tubes8+indicatorsNNNNN  210x133x50 sealed6 - 7.3 VDC     
ICC-82DICC-82 SACOM MINI11970 4 funct2008_04_30N0 4N18Nixie tubes8+indicatorsNNNNNSanyo LM8001J, LM8002F, LM8003H & LM8004F 210x133x50 sealed6 - 7.3 VDC3WDictaphone 1680  Displays 8 digits but calculates on 16.
ICC-82DICC-82 SACOM MINI21971 4 funct2008_04_30N0 4N18Gas-discharge individual tubes8+indicatorsNNNNNSanyo LM8001J, LM8002F, LM8003H & LM8005B 210x133x50 sealed6 - 7.3 VDC3WDictaphone 1680  Displays 8 digits but calculates on 16.
ICC-802D  c1971 4 funct2008_04_28N0  N VFD NNNNN  183x108x sealedY     
ICC-804D  1971>=19714 funct2011_07_16N0 4N18LED8NNNNN  145x85x35360grsealed8VDC & 7VDC2,5W Japan  
ICC-804DESACOM MINI E 1971 4 funct2008_04_28N0  N LED NNNNN  146x83x sealedY     
ICC-83SACOM MINI 1972/73>=19734 funct2008_05_02N0 4N18Gas-discharge tubes8+indicatorsNNNNNTI TMS0101ANC 187x113x53700gr4xC or 4xD ?6 - 8 VDC2W    
ICC-807D  197219734 funct2008_04_28N0 4N18Gas-discharge8+indic+1ledNNNNNSanyo LM8001J, LM8002E, LM8003S & LM8006 151x90x30543gr with batt5x sealed7V5DC2.5W   Displays 8 digits but calculates on 16.
ICC-808DICC-808 1972 4 funct2008_04_28N0 4N18Gas-discharge8+indicNNNNN  180x110x55 4xD sealedY    Displays 8 digits but calculates on 16.
ICC-808DM  ~1973 4 funct2008_05_02N0 4N18Gas-discharge8+indicNNNNN  180x110x55 4xD sealedY    Displays 8 digits but calculates on 16.
ICC-809MINI CALCULATOR c1971-72 4 funct2008_04_30N0 4N17Gas-discharge8+indicNNNNNHitachi HD3276P 98x220x44 5xAA bat pack7.5VDC2.5W   Displays 8 digits but calculates on 16.
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo_ICC-810ICC-810  1972>=19744 funct2010_02_10N0 5N18Gas-discharge8+indicNNNNNSanyo L760, M8022H148x90x30515gr with batt5xAA sealed7.5VDC2.5W Japan  
CY-8150  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1  N VFD8.NNNNN % Sqrt +/-241x152x 4XD     Desktop model.
ICC-3101  1972>=19734 funct desktop2008_04_30N1 6+4memN23Gas-discharge12 + indic + 1ledNNNNNEA7022 EA7023EX % RM M+ M- CM210x135x49850gr with battY7V3DC3.5W    
CX-8001  1972>=19734 funct2008_04_28N0 4N18VFD8 + 2ledsNNNNNNec D271D + Nec µPD261C + Toshiba TM4352PRC148x84x37210gr4xAAY     
CX-8001BSACOM MINI <=1973>=19734 funct2008_04_28N0 5N18VFD8.NNNNNGI (General Instruments) C-500K148x84x37 4xAAY     
CX-8002CSACOM MINI <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_02N0 5N18LED8.NNNNNGI (General Instruments) C-500K  YY     
CX-8003ASACOM MINI <=1973>=19734 funct2008_05_02N0 5N18VFD8.NNNNNGI (General Instruments) C-500K148x84x37 4xAA6VDC1.0W    
CX-8007MINI CALCULATOR 197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 4N18LED8.+2ledNNNNN    YY     
CX-8100  c1973 4 funct2008_04_28N1 5+2memN21VFD8.+2ledNNNNN +<>- ??? Sum188x112x 4xCY     
CX-8102CX 8102 <=1973>=19734 funct2008_04_28N1 5+2memN20LED8+indicNNNNN % RM CM148x90x30 YY     
CX-2103  c1973 4 funct desktop2008_05_11N1 7+4memN23Panaplex12 + indic + 1ledNNNNNMitsubishi MA8603, MA8604-05 & MA8605EX % CS RM -> CM  4x1.5VY     
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo_CX-2105CX-2105  <=1973>=19734 funct2008_06_03N1 7+4memN24Panaplex12 1/2 + 1ledNNNNNRockwell 15350 A1150BPEX % +<>- RM M+ M- CM164x100x49 5xAA sealed9VDC2W Japan  
CX-2105C  197x 4 funct2008_05_11N1 7+4memN24VFD12 1/2 + 1ledNNNNN EX % +<>- RM M+ M- CM164x100x49 5xAA sealed9VDC2W    
CX-2108A  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 8+4memN26VFD12 1/2 + ledNNNNN +<>- RC Sqrt % RM M+ M- CM160x88x42 4xAA batt packY     
galerie2/Sanyo/sanyo_CX-2108NCX-2108N  <=1975>=19754 funct2008_05_12N1 8+4memN26VFD12 1/2NNNNNMitsubishi M58623-24P+<>- RC Sqrt % RM M+ M- CM158x88x42 4xAA batt pack6VDC0.7W Japan  
CX1221  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N   N   NNNNN           
CX-0132  197x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 7+4memN25VFD10 1/2NNNNN Sqrt +<>- % CM RM M-= M+=  YY     
CX-0133  197x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 7+4memN25VFD10 1/2NNNNN Sqrt +<>- % CM RM M-= M+=  YY     
CX-8190  >=1973>=19744 funct2008_04_28N1 5+2memN20LED8 1/2NNNNNRockwell A1030PE + Hitachi HD2903P (driver)% RM CM__x__x13 4xbutton cellY Unisonic CB-14 ?   
CX-8191  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 7+2memN22LED8NNNNN +<>- % Sqrt MR M=152x76x6 4xbutton cellY Unisonic CB-14 ?   
CX-8192  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 6+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNN % Sqrt MR M=  2xAAY     
CX-1001  197x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 8+4memN26VFD8 1/2NNNNN Pi Sqrt +<>- % CM RM M-= M+=  YY     
CX-1002  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 7+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=  Y      
galerie/Sanyo/CX-6000CX-6000  <=1974>=19744 funct2010_02_10N0 6N20VFD6+1ledNNNNNSanyo D234C (K43236) ou Nec uPD234C (K41346)+<>- <->157x88x40 4x1.5V4.7VDC - 6VDC0.4W Japan "Keyboard and display can be covered with a hard plastic cover. Led for ""surplus digits"" => calculates on 12 digits."
CX-2001CSACOM MINI 197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 6N20VFD6+1ledNNNNN +<>- <->         
CX-8080A  <=1974>=19744 funct2008_04_28N0 6N19VFD8 1/2NNNNNTI TMS0851NC + Nec uPD129CDR %155x82x23148gr4xAA6VDC0.5W    
CX-8081A  ~1974 4 funct2011_06_18N0 10N23VFD8 1/2NNNNN X<>Y X^2 1/X Sqrt % +<>-155x82x23148gr4xAA6VDC0.5W Japan  
CX-2000ASACOM MINI 197x 4 funct2010_03_10N0 7N20VFD6+1ledNNNNN +<>- <> CK  4xAA4.7VDC0.4W Japan  
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo.CX-2002CX-2002  <=1974>=19744 funct2010_07_18N0 6N20VFD6+1ledNNNNN <> %157x88x40 4xAA4.7VDC0.4W Japan  
CX-2005  197x 4 funct2006_01_08N0 6N20VFD6.NNNNN <> %  YY    Displays only 6 digits but calculates on 12.
CX-2007  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0  N VFD6.NNNNN %133x83x 4xAA     Displays only 6 digits but calculates on 12.
CX-3210  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 10+4memN30VFD NNNNN 1/X X^2 Pi Sqrt % +<>- CM RM M-= M+=         
CX-8012  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- %  YY     
CX-8014MINI CALCULATOR 197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- %140x80x25 4xAA4V7DC0.25W    
CX-8016MINI CALCULATOR 197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 8N22VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt Pi +<>- %  YY     
CX-8018ASACOM MINI 197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 8N22VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt Pi +<>- %  4xAAY     
CX-8025C  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD941C+<>- %  3xAA sealedY     
CZ-0111SCIENTIFIC 84 197x Scient2008_04_28N1 22+3memN40LED8 1/2 + 2 1/2 (2 lines)NNNNN sin cos tan asin acos atan D/R Ln Log e^X 10^X n! X<>Y Y^X 1/X X^2 Sqrt [( )] EXP Pi +<>- SM RM M*165x89x 4xAAY     
CZ-0911PGCZ-0911 PG 197x Scient+Prog2008_04_28Y10+72steps Scient+ProgN40VFD8 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNNMOS MPS7529Scient+Prog152x89x38 4xAAY     
CZ-2171SCIENTIFIC 101 197x Scient2010_03_10N1 25+1memN37LED10 1/2 + 2 1/2 (2 lines)NNNNN R/D EXP e^X sin cos tan asin acos atan Y^X Ln Log [( )] X^2 Sqrt 1/X X<>Y CS Pi M160x100x50 sealed9,4VDC2W Japan "Exists with or without ""SCIENTIFIC 101"" front label."
CZ-2172  197x Scient2008_04_29N1 28+4memN38LED10 1/2 + 2 1/2 (2 lines)NNNNN sin cos tan asin acos atan HYP Ln e^x Log 10^x Sqrt x^2 1/X Y^X X<>Y EXP Pi +<>- X<>M RM M+ CM  Y6VDC1W    
CZ-3000PG  197x Scient2008_04_28Y   N40VFD8 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNN Scient + prog  YY     
CZ-8008  197x Trigonometric2008_04_28N0 9N20VFD8 1/2NNNNN TAN Sqrt COS Pi SIN   YY    Very basic scientific functions (only 3 trigo functions).
CZ-8100  c1974 Scient2009_07_15N1  20+4memN26LED8 1/2NNNNN DR X<>Y X^Y sin cos tan asin acos atan e^x Ln Log 1/X Sqrt Pi CS x<>M RM M+ CM  sealed9VDC2WSanyo CZ-8101Japan  
CZ-8101  c1974 Scient2008_04_28N1  20+4memN26VFD8 1/2NNNNN DR X<>Y X^Y sin cos tan asin acos atan e^x Ln Log 1/X Sqrt Pi CS x<>M RM M+ CM  sealedY Sanyo CZ-8100   
CZ-2901  >=1975>=1977Scient2008_04_28N10 37+2memN30VFD12 1/2 or 10 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNNMosteksin cos tan asin acos atan HYP Rec-Pol Deg-Rad RAD X<>Y Rv Y^X SUM+ Ln % Delta% Sqrt MeanX,s Log DPS EXP 1/X ltr-gal +<>- n! Kg-lb LASTX Pi cm-in ENT SCI SM RM159x86x42 4xAA or batt pack6VDC1W Japan 4 levels stack RPN.
CZ-8124Scientific 197x Scient2008_04_28N1 17+5memN20VFD8 1/2NNNNN sin cos tan CN asin acos atan FR EXP X^2 Ln e^X Sqrt 1/X MEX M+ CM M- RM143x140x35 4xAA4V7DC0.4W    
CZ-8125SCIENTIFIC 81 197x Scient2010_03_11N1 17+5memN35VFD8 1/2NNNNN sin cos tan asin acos atan Ln e^x Sqrt 1/X Pi EXP CN MEX RM CM M- M+ 155x87x27 2xAA3VDC  Japan "Exists with or without ""SCIENTIFIC 81"" front label."
CZ-8141Scientific calculator 197x Scient2008_04_28N   N VFD NNNNN Scient133x76x 2xAA      
CZ-8142  <=1975>=1975Scient2010_02_10N1 20+4memN26VFD9NNNNNRockwell A4001PCDR X<>Y X^Y CS Sin Cos Tan Asin Acos Atan e^x Ln Log 1/x Sqrt Pi RM M+ X<>M CM149x80x24 2xAAY  Japan  
CZ-8102  <=1975>=1975Scient2010_03_11N1 20+4memN26LED8 1/2NNNNNRockwell A4001PCDR X<>Y X^Y CS Sin Cos Tan Asin Acos Atan e^x Ln Log 1/x Sqrt Pi RM M+ X<>M CM144x69x13 4xbutton cell6VDC  Japan  
CZ-8107FFinancial 80 197x Financial2008_04_28N  26N20LED8 1/2NNNNN Financial  YY     
CX-8031ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR <=1975>=19754 funct2008_04_28N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD941C+<>- %150x80x18134gr2xAA2V7DC0.3W    
CX-8131MEMORY CALCULATOR <=1975>=19754 funct2009_01_23N1 7+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD277C+/- % Sqrt MRC M=150x80x18134gr2xAA2V7DC0.3W Japan  
galerie/Sanyo/CX-8032CX-8032  <=1975>=19754 funct2010_02_10N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD941C (H5206)+<>- %141x80x20 2xAA2.8VDC0.3W Japan Exists with the keyboard in 2 color variations.
CX-8132  <=1975>=19754 funct2009_06_14N1 7+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- % Sqrt MRC M=141x80x20 2xAA2.8 - 3VDC0.3W Japan  
CX-8033  ~1975 4 funct2008_04_28N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- %145x85x32 2xAA2.8VDC0.3W    
CX-8133  <=1975>=19764 funct2010_02_10N1 7+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD277C (H57686)+<>- % Sqrt MRC M=145x85x32160gr (192gr with cover)2xAA2.8VDC0.3W Japan Keyboard and display can be covered with a hard plastic cover.
CX-8034  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- %  2xAAY     
CX-8134A  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 6+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- % CM RM M=  2xAAY     
galerie2/Sanyo/Sanyo.CX-8036CX-8036  197x 4 funct2009_12_29N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- %  2xAADC0.4W    
CX-8071  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 5N18LED8NNNNN %  YY     
CX-8073  <=1975>=19754 funct2008_04_28N0 5N18LED8 1/2NNNNN %  1x9V9VDC0.6W    
CZ-8112  <=1977>=1977Scient2008_04_28N1 18+3memN19LED NNNNN Scient  1x9VY     
CX-8105MINI CALCULATOR c1975 4 funct2008_04_28N1 7+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- % Sqrt MRC M=159x89x 4xAAY     
CX-8108MINI CALCULATOR 197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 7+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- % Sqrt MRC M=  YY     
CX-8136  <=1975<=19764 funct2008_04_28N1 7+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD277C+/- % Sqrt MRC M=125x76x24104gr2xAA2.8VDC0.3W    
CX-8136AN  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 6+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- % CM RM M=125x76x24 2xAAY     
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo_CX-8136NCX-8136N  <=1975<=19784 funct2010_02_10N1 7+2memN22VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD277C+<>- % Sqrt MRC M=125x76x24 2xAAY  Japan  
galerie/Sanyo/CX-8136NECX-8136NE  <=1978>=19784 funct2010_02_10N1 7+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec D1803C+<>- % Sqrt MRC M-= M+=125x76x24 2xAA2.8VDC0.35W Japan  
CX-8137  <=1978>=19784 funct2008_09_14N1 6+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNN +<>- % CM RM M=125x76x24 2xAA2.8VDC0.35W Japan  
CX-8171  ~1976 4 funct2008_04_28N1 5+2memN20LED8NNNNN % RM SM  YY     
CZ-8127  197x Scient2008_04_28N1 23+2memN36VFD8 1/2 or 5+ 2 1/2NNNNN sin cos tan asin acos atan Y^X Log 10^X Ln e^x 1/X X^2 Sqrt Pi [( )] EXP +<>- STO RM  2xAAY     
CZ-0123  c1976 Scient2008_04_29N1 27+4memN37VFD8 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNN sin cos tan asin acos atan Ln e^x Log 10^x DEG DMS P->R R->P Sqrt X^2 1/X Pi Y^X [( )] EXP +/- M+ SM RM EX  2xAA bat pack3VDC0.5W   "There is a ""PUSH"" button at the calculator back side."
CZ-0124  c1976>=1977Scient2008_04_28N1 39+3memN43VFD8 1/2 + 2 1/2NNNNN sin cos tan asin acos atan HYP Ln e^x Log 10^x P->R R->P >DEG >DMS R>D D>R Y^X Sqrt X^1/3 1/X X^2 [( )] Pi n! meanx,sigma^2 EXP +/- M+ MRC X<>Y  2xAA3VDC0.6W   "There is a ""PUSH"" button at the calculator back side."
galerie/Sanyo/CX-8176LCX-8176L  197619784 funct2010_02_10N1 7+2memN23LCD8 1/2 + indicNNNNN Sqrt +><- % MRC M+=114x60x7 2x3cellN0.001W Japan  
CX 8179LCX-8179L ~1977 4 funct2008_04_30N1  N23LCD8+indicNNNNN  ?x?x5 YN     
CX-8181L  ~1978 4 funct2008_04_30    N LCD8+indicNNNNN  ?x?x3        
galerie/Sanyo/CX-8138ANCX-8138AN  <=1978>=19784 funct2010_02_10N1 7+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec D1803C+<>- % Sqrt MRC M-= M+=125x77x25 2xAA2.8VDC0.35W Japan  
CX-8144  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 8+3memN25VFD8 1/2NNNNN % X<>Y Sqrt +<>- CM RM M=  YY     
CX-8145  197x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 12+3memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt X^2 1/X ( ) X<>Y % +<>- CM RM M+  YY     
LC-R8RULER 8 197x 4 funct2008_07_19N1 5+3memN22YLCD8+indicNNNNN %+- M+= M-= RM/CM32x203x11 2xLR44 (1.5Vcell)N Canon Ruler-8Japan In a ruler shape.
CX 2310CX-2310 197x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 10+4memN28VFD12 1/2NNNNN 1/X X^2 Pi Sqrt % +<>- CM RM M-= M+=165x100x 2xAA2.8VDC0.4W    
CX 2312CX-2312 197x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 8+6memN28VFD12 1/2NNNNN DS +<>- % Sqrt MU M= CM RM M-= +=165x100x 2xAA2.8VDC0.4W    
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo_CX2570CX 2570Amorphous Solar System <=1982>=19824 funct2010_07_11N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNNToshiba T6789S+/- Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=104x64x947grNsolar  Japan Exists in black or white case.
CX-2630CX-2630 Amorphous Solar System 198x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 8+6memN28LCD10+indicNNNNN GRC +<>- % Sqrt CM RM M-= M+=165x102x13 ?solar     
CX-2631  198x 4 funct2008_05_02N1 8+6memN28LCD12+indicNNNNN GRC +<>- % Sqrt CM RM M-= M+=165x102x13 ?solar     
CX-880  ~1980 4 funct2008_04_29N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % RM M-= M+= CM105x64x6 3VcellN     
galerie/Sanyo/CX-1032CX 1032CX-1032 <=1980>=19804 funct2010_02_10N1 7+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec D1803C+<>- Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=125x75x25106gr2xAA3VDC0.35W Japan Exists in 2 keys color variations.
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo_CX1222CX 1222POWER / MEMORY GARD 198x 4 funct2009_06_11N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNmemN Sqrt % RM M-= M+= CM114x68x9 2x1.5VcellN0.00012W Japan  
CX 1231CX-1231 198x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 7+3memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN +<>- Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=  YN     
CX 1275CX-1275 198x 4 funct2008_04_28N1 5+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN % RM M+= CM M-=  YN    Nice blue color.
galerie/Sanyo/ELT1000ELT 1000ELT 1000 ELECTRONIC TRANSLATOR <=1980>=1980Translator2010_02_10N  TranslatorY41LCD10 + indicNNNNNSanyo T6732 et Toshiba T6026Translator75x176x23 2x3VcellN0.0012W Japan Up to 4 language moduls.
CX-1  1981 4 funct2008_04_28N1  N25LCD NNNNN     solar     
CX-2  1981 4 funct2008_04_28N   N LCD NNNNN           
PHC-8000  ~1981 Basic2008_04_28Y4Kb4KbBasicY61LCD24+indicNYExtY Z80 compatibleBasic89x252x25 5xAA+1x3Vcell9VDC1W   Uses an I/O unit (docking station) named PHC-8010.
RPM6950PRM 6950 ~1982 4 funct+radio+clock2010_03_11N1 6+4mem+3clockN24+3LCD2lines : 4+indic and 8+indicNNNNY Sqrt % M+= M-= MR MC H M S  2x1,5Vcell for Calc, 2xAA for Radio.N  Japan AM/FM receiver.
RPM6950U  1982 4 funct+radio+clock2008_04_28N1 6+4mem+3clockN24+3LCD2lines : 4+indic and 8+indicNNNNY Sqrt % M+= M-= MR MC H M S  Y     AM/FM receiver.
CX-7  1982 4 funct2008_04_28N1  N24LCD8+indicNNNNN     solar     
CZ-1201  ~1982>=1982Scient2010_02_20N1 ScientN LCD NNN N Scient  YN     
CZ-1204  198x Scient2009_03_19N1 ScientN37LCD8+indicNNN N Scient  YN     
CZ 1210CZ-1210 Amorphous Solar System 198x Scient2008_04_29N>1 32+4memN38LCD8 or 5+2 1/2 + indicNNNNN DRG DRG-> sin cos tan asin acos atan log 10^x ln e^x y^x y^1/x x^2 Sqrt [ ] Pi S meanx v Sum+ EXP n! +/- x/M K RM STO M+ DEL   solar     
CZ-1220CZ 1220 c1983 Scient2008_04_28N1 ScientN40LCD8 or 5+2 1/2 + indicNNN N Scient   solar     
galerie/Sanyo/SANYO.CZ_1241CZ 1241  198x Scient2013_04_17N1 29+5mem+8statN31LCD8+indicNNNNN 1/x Sqrt y^x D|G ( ) X/Y +/- Pi x^2 y^(1/x) CN sin cos tan n! asin acos atan ->DMS 10^x ln log e^x DMS-> M+ STO MRC M- x/M Sumout Sum+/DEL Sumx Sumx^2 n S V meanx130x74x25 2xAAN0,0006W Japan  
CZ-1244  198x Scient2012_05_20N1 19+2memN31LCD8+indicNNNNN Scient130x74x25 2xAAN     
galerie/Sanyo/CX-7214TCX 7214T  198x/9x 4 funct+clock2010_02_10N1 7+3mem+9timeN31LCD8+indicNNNNYLSI+/- Sqrt % MRC M-= M+= Adj Set Wt Alm Tm Dt Lap St/Sp100x47x746g1x3VcellN0.00005W (typ) 0.002W (max) Japan  
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo_CX7218TCX-7218T  <=1990>=19904 funct+clock2010_02_10N1 7+3mem+6timeN25LCD8+indicNNNNYToshiba T3939S+/- Sqrt % MRC M-= M+= (.)) ALM T/C TM PM ADJ94x56x6 1x3VcellN0.0009W Japan  
CX 7250HCX-7250H , PEDOMETER 198x 4 funct+pedometer2011_08_24N1 6+4mem+2pedometerN28LCD8+indicNNN N Sqrt % RM M-= M+= CM RESET->C C.RECALL STORE_M.102x51x650gr1x cellN    On the box there is a big translation mistake : PEDOMETER where translated in french by PEDOMETRE this will shock every native french speaking people. The right translation is PODOMETRE.
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo_ALARM-CHRONOALARM-CHRONO 11983 4 funct+wrist watch2008_04_29N0 5+6clockN16LCD8+indicNNNNY MODE DATE ALARM SNOOZE LAP/RESET SART/STOP A/P41x32x8 YN    Exists in 2 colors variations.
ALARM-CHRONO 2199x 4 funct+wrist watch2008_04_29N0 5+6clockN16LCD8+indicNNNNY MODE DATE ALARM SNOOZE LAP/RESET START/STOP A/P41x32x8 YN    Exists in 2 colors variations.
Version 2 has a more recent Sanyo label than the version 1.
galerie/Sanyo/CX220CX 220  <=1985>=19854 funct2010_02_10N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNNSanyo LI3124MSqrt % CM RM M-= M+=95x57x828gr1x1.5VcellN0.000075W Japan  
galerie2/Sanyo/sanyo_CX2622CX 2622Amorphous Solar System 198x 4 funct2008_04_15N1 6+3memN24LCD12+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=   nosolar     
CX 2700Amorphous Solar System , CX-800 198x/9x 4 funct2010_11_01N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN +/- Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=  ?solar     
CX 800Amorphous Solar System , CX-800 198x 4 funct2008_07_18N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN +/- Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=   solar    It's a kind of wallet : the calculator can be fold in 2.
CX-8046L  198x 4 funct2008_04_28N0 7N20LCD8+indicNNNNN +<>- % Sqrt  YN    Nice orange case.
CX-0V7DATA MEMO 198x/9x 4 funct+diary2009_04_22N1+150bytes 5+4mem+diaryY30LCD12alpha + 12digits + indicNNNmem  % CM RM M-= M+= + diary54x86x522gr1xCR2016N     
CX 110CX110 198x 4 funct2010_03_21N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=115x86x2090grYN0.000025W Japan  
galerie/Sanyo/sanyo_CX111CX 111CX111 <=1985>=19854 funct2008_04_29N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNNSanyo LI3124MSqrt % MRC M-= M+=115x86x20 1xAAN0.000075W China  
CX250  198x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=102x64x 1x AA or AAAN0.0000075W    
galerie2/Sanyo/sanyo_CX20CX 20  198x 4 funct2008_03_28N1 6+3memN23LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % M+= M-= MRC  Nsolar     
CX-2591MMETRIC CONVERTER Amorphous Solar System 198x 4 funct+metric conv2010_03_11N1 6+3mem+19*2convN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M+= M-=95x57x6 Nsolar     
CX-2570GR  198x/9x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=   solar    Exists in 2 colors variations.
galerie2/Sanyo/sanyo_CX-2730CX-2730  199x 4 funct2008_03_28N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M-= M+=   solar     
CX3552CX 3552 199x 4 funct+printer2010_03_11N1 5+4mem+2printN25LCD NNYNN % CM RM M-= M+= ^ *150x80x Y      
CX480PROCESS Calculator 199x 4 funct2008_04_27N1 10+3memN28LCD8x4 + indicNNNNN +<>- Sqrt % ITEM ^ v MRC M-= M+=165x100x YN     
CX-490PROCESS CALCULATOR 199x 4 funct2008_05_02N>1 6+3memN27LCD10x3 + indicNNN N Sqrt % MRC M+= M-=  YN     

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