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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                


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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                
EC-201Electronic Memory Calculator 197x 4 funct2007_05_30N1 6+4memN24LED8NNNNNTI TMS0972NL+/- % MC MR M- M+133x70x25 1x9VY Radio Shack EC-201 (Electronic Memory Calculator)  Cat No. 65-601
EC-21Blackjack 211<=1978>=19784 funct+game2011_08_03N0 6+7gameN20VFD12NNNNNNec D1021CSqrt () Hit Bet Std Ins Dbl Spl Tot142x81x15 3xAAAY Radio Shack EC-21 v1 (Blackjack 21)Taiwan Cat No. 60-3011
EC-380 1~1975 4 funct2011_06_13N1 7+3memN23VFD8 1/2NNNNN % Sqrt +<>- RM/CM M- M+135x78x25 2xAAY Radio Shack EC-380 version 1Japan Cat No. 65-9616
EC-380 2197x 4 funct2010_02_10N1  N LED NNNNN % Sqrt     Radio Shack EC-380 v2   
EC-480  <=1977>=1977Scient2007_05_30N1 20+3memN20VFD8 1/2NNNNNMPS7529EEX +/- 1/x conv sin cos tan asin acos atan e^x 10^x y^x Ln log Sqrt x^2 Pi [( )] sto rcl m+133x70x24 2xAA  Radio Shack EC-480  Cat No. 65-637
EC-245Statesman Thin 1977 4 funct2007_05_30N1 11+4memN28VFD8NNNNN Sqrt x^2 1/x % ( ) +/- M+ M- MR MC140x76x10 2xsealedY Radio Shack EC-245 (Statesman Thin)  Cat No. 65-623
galerie/T/tandy.statesman_thin_LCD.EC-259EC-259statesman thin LCD <=1981>=19814 funct2010_02_10N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNNToshiba T6014Sqrt % MC MR M- M+114x64x9 2x1,5VcellN Radio Shack EC-259 (statesman thin LCD)Hong Kong Cat No. 65-682
galerie/T/tandy_EC-269_statesman_thin_LCDEC-269statesman thin LCD 198x 4 funct2010_02_10N1 7+4memN24YLCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +<>- MC MR M- M+  2x1,5VcellN Radio Shack EC-269 (statesman thin LCD)Japan Cat No. 65-676
BLACKJACK 21EC-212198x 4 funct+game2011_08_03N1 6+4mem+7gameN23LCD10NNNNN +/- % MC MR M- M+ Bet Ttl Spl Dbl Ins Hit Std  YN Radio Shack EC-21 v2 (Blackjack 21)  Cat No. 60-2167
Monkey See 21982>=1985Game2007_05_30N0 5N181xgreen + 1xred LED2 LedNNNNNTI MP0271"""?"""103x162x24 1x9VN Radio Shack Monkey See v2  Cat No. 60-1013
EC-402  ~1984 4 funct2011_07_17N1 7+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +<>- CM RM M- M+112x65x9 Nsolar Radio Shack EC-402  Cat No. 65-689
galerie/T/tandy.EC-414.v1EC-414 1<=1984>=19884 funct2010_05_16N1 7+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt +/- % MRC M- M+116x71x1951gr1x1.5Vcellsolar Radio Shack EC-414 v1Taiwan Cat No. 65-560
galerie/T/tandy_EC-414v2EC-414 2<=1983>=19844 funct2010_01_31N1 7+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt +/- % MU MRC M- M+117x71x19 1x1.5Vcellsolar Radio Shack EC-414 v2Malaysia Cat No. 65-560B
galerie/T/TANDY.EC-417EC-417  198x/9x 4 funct2009_12_22N1 6+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+118x72x8 1x1.5Vcellsolar Radio Shack EC-417Taiwan Cat No. 65-562
galerie/T/tandy_EC-444EC-444  <=1982>=19824 funct2007_09_08N1 6+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNNSharp LI3135MSSqrt % MC MR M- M+111x66x8 1x1.5Vcellsolar    Cat No. 65-888
galerie/T/tandy.EC-2001EC-2001 2<=1984>=19844 funct desktop2009_08_11N1 8+4memN24VFD10+indicNNNNNTI TMC1073NL% Delta% GPM ITM CM RM M-= M+=166x150x45300gr2xDY  Taiwan Cat. No. 65-660A.
Not really a pocket calculator, more desktop calc.
EC-4004 2<=1988>=1988Scient + Stat + Prog2007_05_30Y7+38steps Scient+Stat+PrgN39LCD10+2+indicNNN NHitachi HD43147Scient + Stat + Prog140x76x13 1x3VcellN0.00043WRadio Shack EC-4004 v2, Casio fx-3600P   
EC-4006LCD SCIENTIFIC 198x Scient2007_05_30N>=1 ScientN38LCD10+indicNNNNN Scient150x76x18 2xAAN Radio Shack EC-4006 (LCD SCIENTIFIC)  Cat No. 65-975
galerie/T/tandy_EC-4023EC-4023  <=1987>=1991Scient+Stat2010_02_10Y/N10+675steps 95 + 128 preprogrammed formulasY44LCD14+2 alpha + 10 1/2+2 1/2 num + indicNNNmemNHitachi HD61914 OKI M5268V-H1 (aff: Hitachi HD6200104)Scient+Stat131x72x1175gr2x3VcellN0.008WRadio Shack EC-4023 & Casio fx-5000FJapan Cat No. 65-987
EC-270  198x 4 funct2007_10_14N1 6+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+  Y      
EC-278  198x/9x 4 funct2007_05_30N1 6+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MC MR M- M+  YN Radio Shack EC-278   
galerie/R/RS_TRS-80TRS-80TRS-80 PC-1 1980>=1981Pocket Computer2007_10_15Y1920Bytes (1424B availables)11KBBasicY57YLCD24+indicNYExtYYSharp SC43177 SC43178 (4 bits)Basic71x176x16170gr with bat4x1.5Vcell 11mWSharp PC-1211  Cat No. 26-3501.
Cassette interface Cat No. 26-3503.
Printer Cat No. 26-3506.
There is also a customized version, where only 43 keys are accessible.
TRS-80 PC-2TRS-80 PC-2 ~1982>=1984Pocket Computer2007_10_15Y2KB (1850B available)16KBBasicY65LCD26.+indic156x7YExtYYSharp LH5801Basic87x195x27375gr4xAA6VDC0.13WRedesigned Sharp PC-1500.  Cat No. 26-3601.
Memory can be extended up to 18KB.
Printer / Cassette interface Cat No. 26-3605.
PC-3TRS-80 PC-3 ~1983>=1984Pocket Computer2007_10_15Y2KB (1850B available)24KBBasicY52LCD24+indicNYExtYNSC61860ABasic70x135x12105gr2x3VcellN0.03WRadio Shack TRS-80 PC-3, Sharp PC-1250   
PC-4TRS-80 PC-4 1983>=1983Pocket Computer2007_10_15Y1KB (544B available)12KBBasicY53LCD12+indicNYExtYNHitachi HD61913A01Basic71x165x11106gr2x3VcellN Casio PB-100  Cat No. 26-3650.
Memory is expandable up to 2KB (1568B available).
PC-5TRS-80 PC-5 1985>=1986Pocket Computer2007_10_15Y4KB (3552B available) BasicY83LCD24+indicNYExtYN Basic142x142x13 ouvert, 73x142x19 ferme150gr2+1 3VcellN0.07WRadio Shack TRS-80 PC-5, Casio fx-780P  Cat No. 26-3670
PC-6TRS-80 PC-6 <=1987>=1991Pocket Computer2007_10_15Y8KB (7520 available) BasicY83LCD24+indicNYExtYNHitachi HD61747B20 & HD61747B25Basic142x142x13 ouvert, 73x142x19 ferme150gr2+1 3VcellN0.07WRadio Shack TRS-80 PC-6, Casio fx-790P  Cat No. 26-3672.
Memory is expandable up to 16KB (15.3KB available).
PC-7POCKET SCIENTIFIC COMPUTER PC-7 ~1987 Pocket Computer2009_04_14Y1KB (544B available)12KBBasicY72LCD12+indicNYExtYNHitachi HD61913A01Basic180x70x10146gr with bat2x3VcellN Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-7, Casio fx-5200P  Cat No. 26-3673.
Memory is expandable up to 2KB (1568B available).
PC-8TRS-80 PC-8 ~1985>=1986Pocket Computer2007_10_15Y2KB (1278B available)18KBBasicY55LCD16+indicNYExtYNSC61720 Basic70x135x1095gr with bat2x3VcellN Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-8, Sharp PC-1246  Cat No. 26-3655
EC-447  ~1991 4 funct2010_07_14N1 7+5memN26LCD8+indicNNNNN % Sqrt +/- MU MC MR M+ M-136x76x10 1x1,5Vcellsolar  Malaysia Cat No. 65-891
galerie/T/tandy.EC-309EC-309  <=1988>=19884 funct+data mem2010_02_10N1+400o 6+4mem+4dataY/N28LCD8 1/2 + 6alpha +4numNNNNN % Sqrt MC MR M- M+ Secret N/Set Telephone Capa110x68x8 1x3VcellN Radio Shack EC-309Japan Can store 20 names and telephone numbers.
galerie/T/tandy.EC-319EC-319Appointment Directory Calculator <=1990>=1990Organizer2010_02_10N32Ko OrganizerY88LCD NNNmemYHitachi HD62023050Organizer75x126x15 (closed) 144x126x10 (open) 3x3VcellN Radio Shack EC-319 (Appointment Directory Calculator)Japan Cat No. 65-932
galerie/T/tandy_EC-321EC-321DATA MEMORY CALCULATOR 198x 4 funct+databank2007_10_05N1+ 6+4mem+4dataY29LCD8num+12alpha+indicNNNmemN % Sqrt MC MR M- M+  YN Radio Shack EC-321  Cat No. 65-934

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