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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                


Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                
ACCUMATIC 8EH-9036 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N0 5N19VFD NNNNN %  4xAA      
ACCUMATIC 20EH-88221~1975 4 funct2007_08_12N1 5+2memN20VFD8 1/2NNNNN % MC MR139x92x29 4xAA6VDC250mW    
ACCUMATIC 20EH-8822-221974>=19744 funct2010_02_03N1 6+4memN24VFD8NNNNNMitsubishi M58618-81P+/- % MC MR M+ M-139x92x29 4xAA      
ACCUMATIC 20 3197x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 7+4memN24VFD8NNNNN +/- EX % MC MR M+ M-139x92x29 4xAAY     
galerie/L/LLOYDS.ACCUMATIC_30.EH-9036.v1ACCUMATIC 30EH-90361<=1974>=19754 funct2013_04_16N0 5N19VFD8.+1ledNNNNNSharp LI2002%139x92x29 4xAA6VDC250mW Taiwan  
galerie/L/lloyds_accumatic30ACCUMATIC 30EH-90362<=1975>=19754 funct2011_10_05N0 5N19VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD940C or Mitsubishi M58618-80B or Hitachi HD3633 or Hitachi HD36290%139x92x29 4xAA6VDC250mW Japan  
ACCUMATIC 30EH-9036-2 <=1975>=19754 funct2007_08_12N0 8N22VFD8 1/2NNNNNHitachi HD36290+/- % Pi Sqrt139x92x29160gr4xAA6VDC250mW    
ACCUMATIC 30EH-9036-0018 1975 4 funct2007_08_12N0  N VFD NNNNNNec uPD940C 139x92x29 4xAA      
ACCUMATIC 40E-805 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 5+2memN20earlyLCD NNNNN % M MR152x89x 2x9V  Dataking LC-800, Ibico 086   
ACCUMATIC 50EH-9325 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 7+1memN22VFD8NNNNN Sqrt EX % M139x92x29 4xAA      
ACCUMATIC 55EH-8715 <=1975>=19754 funct2010_02_17N1 10+1memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNNRockwell A1241PA1/x x^2 Sqrt % EX +/- M139x92x29160gr4xAA6VDC500mW Japan  
ACCUMATIC 70  1972 4 funct2007_08_12N0 4N17LCD (Back lighted)8NNNNN  226x144x54 No?120VAC or 220VAC    Desktop version from the ACC100 model ?
ACCUMATIC 100E630 <=1972>=19724 funct2010_02_03N0 4N17LCD (Back lighted)8 1/2NNNNNRockwell 10362PB (Aff: 2x10417PB) 226x144x54 4xC or 4D ?Y  Mexico  
ACCUMATIC 200E681 , EH-6818 1973>=19744 funct2007_08_12N1 5+2memN20VFD8.+2ledNNNNN % MR M145x80x22168gr4xAA6VDC     
ACCUMATIC 303E303 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N0 7N20VFD8NNNNN +/- X-Y %138x86x28 4xAA6VDC400mW    
galerie/L/lloyds_304ACCUMATIC 304E304 ~1974>=19764 funct2009_06_04N0 6N20VFD8 1/2NNNNNSharp LI2006Sqrt %138x87x28156gr4xAA6VDC300mW Japan  
ACCUMATIC 305E305 <=1975>=19764 funct2010_02_03N0 8N22VFD8 1/2NNNNNNec uPD940CPi Sqrt +/- %138x87x28152gr4xAA6VDC250mW Taiwan  
galerie/L/lloyds_accumatic_306ACCUMATIC 306E306 <=1975>=19764 funct2009_06_04N0 11N25VFD8 1/2NNNNNHitachi HD36360Sqrt 1/x x^2 Pi % +/- EX138x86x28150gr4xAA6VDC300mW Japan  
ACCUMATIC 309E309 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 7+3memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNN Sqrt Pi % M+= M-= MRC  2xAA      
ACCUMATIC 310E310 <=1975>=19764 funct2007_08_12N1 6+4memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNNMitsubishi M58618-81P or M58618-83P+/- % MC MR M- M+138x86x28148gr4xAA6VDC300mW    
ACCUMATIC 311E3111~1976 4 funct2007_08_12N1 8+4memN25VFD8 1/2NNNNN +/- Sqrt EX % MC MR M- M+137x86x28 4xAA6VDC300mW    
galerie/L/Lloyds_311ACCUMATIC 311E3112<=1976>=19764 funct2009_06_04N1 9+4memN27VFD8 1/2NNNNNTI TMS1071NL1/x +/- Sqrt EX % MC MR M- M+136x85x27118gr4xAA6VDC300mW Japan  
galerie/L/Lloyds_320ACCUMATIC 320E320 <=1975>=19754 funct2009_06_04N1 10+4memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNNuPD946C+/- Sqrt 1/x x^2 Pi % MC MR M- M+140x84x32 4xAA6VDC250mWLloytron ACCUMATIC 320Japan  
ACCUMATIC 321E321 <=1975>=19754 funct2007_08_12N1 11+4memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNNRockwell A5501PB% +/- Sqrt 1/x x^2 ( ) MC MR M- M+137x86x28150gr4xAA6VDC300mW    
ACCUMATIC 322E322 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 10+4memN28VFD8NNNNN PI Sqrt 1/x x^2 ( ) MC MR M- M+140x76x 4xAA6VDC300mW    
galerie/L/lloyds_ACCUMATIC_333ACCUMATIC 333E333 <=1975>=1975Scient2008_06_03N1 17+5memN35VFD8NNNNNGI CF-596sin cos tan e^x ln asin acos atan CHN Sqrt 1/X EE Pi X-M M- M+ RM CM141x88x29 4xAA6VDC400mW Japan  
ACCUMATIC 334E334 ~1976 Scient2010_02_14N1 17+5memN35VFD8 1/2NNNNN sin cos tan e^x ln asin acos atan CHN Sqrt 1/X EE Pi X-M M- M+ RM CM138x86x28 4xAA6VDC400mWLloytron ACCUMATIC 334   
ACCUMATIC 335E335 197x Scient2007_08_12N1 28+3memN37VFD8 + 2 1/2NNNNN DEG-> P->R ln log y^x 1/x sin cos tan [( )] (-) X<>Y Pi Sqrt DMS R->P e^x 10^x asin acos atan x^2 STO RCL M+138x86x28 4xAA6VDC400mW    
ACCUMATIC 340  197x 4 funct2007_08_12N0 6N19VFD8NNNNN % Sqrt95x65x20 3xAAA?300mW    
ACCUMATIC 341E341 <=1976>=19764 funct2007_08_12N1 5+4memN19VFD8 1/2NNNNN % CM M- RM M+96x65x2084gr3xAAAN300mW    
ACCUMATIC 408  197x 4 funct2007_08_12N0 8N22VFD NNNNN Pi Sqrt +/- %140x89x 4xAAY     
ACCUMATIC 419E419 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 6+4memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNN +/- % MC MR M- M+140x89x 4xAAY     
ACCUMATIC 427E427 197x 4 funct2009_06_14N1 10+4memN28VFD8NNNNN +/- Sqrt 1/x x^2 Pi % MC MR M- M+140x89x 4xAA6VDC250mW Japan  
ACCUMATIC 445  197x Scient2007_08_12N1 22+2memN35VFD NNNNN 1/x x^2 Sqrt sin cos tan [( )] e^x ln y^x log Pi EE +/- asin acos atan STO RCL140x89x 4xAA      
ACCUMATIC 500EH-9143 197x 4 funct2009_05_24N1 10+5memN20VFD8.+2ledNNNNN <-> % Sqrt X^2 1/X +/- x<->M MC MR M+ M-145x80x26 4xAAY  Mexico  
ACCUMATIC 501E501 ~1977 4 funct2007_08_12N1 5+2memN20LED NNNNN % M RM133x73x 1x9V9VDC300mW    
ACCUMATIC 502  197x 4 funct2007_08_12N0  N LED NNNNN  140x70x 1x9V  Novus 826   
ACCUMATIC 504E504 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 5+4memN23  NNNNN %         
ACCUMATIC 603  ~1976 4 funct2007_08_12N1 9+4memN27VFD8NNNNN GPM +/- % Sqrt EX +/- MC MR M- M+140x71x 3xAAA      
ACCUMATIC 603  ~1977 4 funct2007_08_12N   N LED NNNNN    3xAAA      
ACCUMATIC 604  197x 4 funct2007_08_12N0  N LED NNNNN  140x70x 1x9V      
E604  198x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 5+3memN22LCD8+indicNNNNN % M- M+ MR108x64x6 2xbuttonN     
unknown  198x 4 funct2010_02_27N1 6+3memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % MRC M- M+  YN     
ACCUMATIC 608E608 198x 4 funct2010_02_27N1 7+4memN24LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt +/- % CM MR M+ M-  2x1.5V button cellN0.8mW Hong Kong  
ACCUMATIC 610  ~1976 4 funct2007_08_12N1 8+4memN21VFD NNNNN +/- Sqrt EX % MC MR M- M+140x71x 3xAAA      
ACCUMATIC 613E613 197x 4 funct+clokck2007_08_12N1  N24YLCD + LCD8+indic + 4NNNNY    YN     
E615  197x 4 funct2007_08_12N   N LCD NNNNN           
galerie/L/lloyds_accumatic_616ACCUMATIC 616E616 <=1976>=19784 funct2009_06_04N1 11+4memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNNTI TMS1045NL% +/- Sqrt 1/x x^2 ( ) MC MR M- M+138x73x14 3xAAA4V5DC  Taiwan  
microE620 198x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 7+4memN25LCD8+indicNNNNN Sqrt % +/- MC MR M- M+51x44x YN     
E620-1  198x 4 funct2007_08_12N1  N22LCD8+indicNNNNN    YN     
E621-1  197x 4 funct2007_08_12N   N LCD NNNNN           
ACCUMATIC 622-1E622-1 197x 4 funct2007_08_12N1 8+4memN27VFD? NNNNN Sqrt % +/- Delta% MC MR M- M+         
ACCUMATIC 650E650 197x Scient2007_08_12N1 40+9N43VFD12.NNNNN n! DEG P-R sin cos tan sinh cosh tanh log ln y^x Sum D->R Sqrt 1/x Pi EE +/- [( )] X<>Y s DMS R->P asin acos atan asinh acosh atanh 10^x e^x R->D x^2 meanx RCL STO CM RM M+ M/ Mx M- M+140x90x 4xAA      
galerie2/L/lloyds_accumatic_680ACCUMATIC 680E680 197x 4 funct desktop2008_03_28N1 9+4memN25VFD10+indicNNNNN CNT % RC Delta% GPM CM RM M- M+160x160x36 1xD3VDC0.5W    
ACCUMATIC 680E680-2 <=1979>=19794 funct desktop2007_08_12N1 9+4memN25VFD10+indicNNNNNTI TMC1073NLCNT % RC Delta% GPM CM RM M- M+160x160x36280gr1xD3VDC0.5W    
ACCUMATIC 907E907 197x 4 funct2007_08_13N1 6+5memN24VFD8 1/2NNNNN +/- % EX MC MR M- M+139x92x29 4xAA      
ACCUMATIC 908E908 ~1975 4 funct2007_08_12N1 8+4memN25VFD8 1/2NNNNNRockwell A5901CA+/- Sqrt EX % MC MR M- M+140x89x25 4xAAY     
992 (?)  1973 Slide rule2007_08_12N1 ca20N20VFD8.NNNNN  146x83x2212 ounce4x1.2VAC    Manufactured by Rockwell.
ACCUMATIC 999E999 <=1974>=1974Scient2009_04_13N1 21+6N20VFD8.+2ledNNNNN <-> +/- ln log Sqrt e^x 10^x x^y sin cos tan Pi 1/x asin acos atan DR x<>m x<-m x->m m+x^2 m+ m-140x76x 4xAAY     

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