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Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                

   Interton Electronic

Pictures Model Aka Version Intro date End date Type Last update Progr RAM ROM Nb functions Alpha Nb keys Display type Display Graph XY Ext Print Sav Clock             Microprocessor                                     Functions                         Size Weight Batteries Ext power Power Twin Made in Link(s)                                                 Remarks                                                
PC 2008 1<=1973>=19734 funct2011_07_04N0 5N19LED8 1/2NNNNN K~140x80x30 4xAAY    Version 1 with only 1 switch.
PC 2008 2~1973 4 funct2011_07_04N0 6N19LED8 1/2NNNNN % %o (0/00)~140x80x30 4xAAY    Version 2 with 3 switches.
2 variations exists.
PC 2010 1197x 4 funct2011_07_04N0 6N19LED10 1/2NNNNN D +/-133x76x25 4xAAY     
PC 2010 2197x 4 funct2011_07_04N0 6N19LED10 1/2NNNNN K +/-133x76x25 4xAAY  Germany  
PC 4007  197x 4 funct2011_07_04N0 4N18LED8 1/2NNNNN  143x78x25 1x9V  Interton PC 4008 (version2)   
PC 4008 1197x 4 funct2011_07_04N0 4N17LED8NNNNN  143x78x25 1x9V      
PC 4008 2~1974 4 funct2008_07_18N0 4N18LED8NNNNN  143x78x25 1x9V  Interton PC 4007   
PC 4009 1<=1974 4 funct2011_07_04N0 5N18LED8 1/2NNNNNMOS MCS2540 (00149743) 2xTI SN75492 (7449)%143x78x25 1x9VY    HP LED display.
galerie/I/Interton_PC4009PC 4009 2<=1975>=19764 funct2011_07_04N0 5N18VFD8 1/2NNNNNMOS MPS7541%143x77x24 1x9VY    Exists with 2 slight different key design.
PC 4010  ~1975 4 funct2008_04_10N0 10N23VFD8 1/2NNNNN +/- % Sqrt x^2 1/x DP143x77x24 1x9VY    Exists with 2 slight different key design.
PC 4018 1197x 4 funct2010_09_16N1 5+4memN22LED8 +1LEDNNNNN % MC MR M- M+  1x9VY  Germany Rounded and colored keys.
PC 4018 2197x 4 funct2010_09_16N1 5+4memN22LED8 +1LEDNNNNN % MC MR M- M+  1x9V     Squary and black and white keys.
PC 4019  ~1977 4 funct2011_07_04N1 10+4memN27LED8 1/2NNNNN % Sqrt x^2 1/x DP +/- MC MR M- M+  1x9V      
PC 4020  <=1975>=19764 funct2011_07_04N1 10+5memN28VFD8 1/2NNNNN +/- % Sqrt x^2 1/x DP MR MT MC M+ M-   1x9V     Exists with oblonds or rectangulars keys.
PC 4030  197x Scient2011_07_04N1 21+6memN25VFD8NNNNN y^x EEX 5/8 ln log D X<>Y +<>- Rad 1/x Sqrt x^2 e^x sin cos tan 10^x asin acos atan Pi [( )] X<>M CM STO MR M- M+  Y      
PC 4044  <=1975>=1975Scient2011_07_04N1 26+6memN20LED10NNNNN y^x sin cos tan ln log x^2 X<>Y [( asin acos atan 1/x e^x 10^x Sqrt EEX Rad +<>- Pi )] MS M+ MR M<>X M- CM  1x9V      
Sensor 9  197x 4 funct2011_07_04N0 5N18VFD8NNNNN %130x80x23        
Sensor 19  197x 4 funct2011_07_04N1 8+4memN25VFD8NNNNN Sqrt x^2 1/x % MC MR M- M+130x80x23        
PC 5009  ~197x 4 funct2011_07_04N0 6N19LED8NNNNN +/- %112x58x 4xAAA      
2  197x 4 funct2011_07_04N0 7N20VFD NNNNN DP Sqrt %112x58x 4xAAA      
PC 5019  ~197x 4 funct2011_07_04N1 7+4memN24LED8NNNNN Sqrt % MR MC M+ M-112x58x 4xAAA      
galerie2/I/Interton.PC5030PC 5030  1978/79 Scient2009_12_30N1 27+6memN24VFD8 1/2 or 5 1/2 + 2NNNNN Deg EEX ln log y^x 5/8 Rad x<>y e^x 10^x +/- 1/x Sqrt x^2 sin cos tan asin acos atan Pi [( )] CM X<>M STO MR M- M+  YY     
PC 6010  <=1976>=19764 funct2009_03_07N0 10N23VFD8 1/2NNNNN +/- % Sqrt x^2 1/x DP 145x80x32 sealed3VDC     
PC 6020  ~1976~19774 funct2011_07_04N1 10+7memN30VFD8NNNNN +/- % Sqrt x^2 1/x DP M+ M- MR MT MC M+= M-=  sealedY     
PC 6040  197x 4 funct2011_07_04N1 10+4memN28VFD12?NNNNN Pi % Sqrt x^2 1/x +/- MR MC M+= M-=  sealedY    Exists with 2 slight different keyboard design.
PC 8010  197x  2011_07_04N   N   NNNNN           
PC 8020  197x 4 funct2011_07_04N1 10+4memN28VFD8NNNNN Pi % Sqrt x^2 1/x +/- MR MC M+= M-=  2xAA      
PC 8???  197x Scient2011_07_04N1 26+3memN40VFD11?NNNNN sin cos tan asin acos atan e^x ln 10^x log /Ra 1/x x^2 Sqrt y^x x<>y [( )] n! Pi EEX +/- MR STO M+  YY     
VIP 10  197x 4 funct2011_07_04N0 6N20LED10NNNNN % +/-  Bat packY     
PIC 9000  197x Translator2006_10_08N  TranslatorY38VFD16NNNNN Translator  4xAA     PIC=Personal Information Computer...

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